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Posted by TheFonz - - 6 comments

Remember my last wish list? Managed to get all actually...yeeeeaaaayyyy...Here are the latest craving, so for those reading this post, please donate to me

1. Tag Heuer Formula 1

Why I need : My Swatch is having some intermittent problem, sometimes the watch ticking, sometimes it stops. It has been sincerely with me for 9 years and counting. Swatch are good for at list 10 years, so as you see, almost high time to change
The damage : RSP RM3600. Some "lubang" can get 30% off the net price, so actual damage should be around RM 2700.

2. Nikkor AF-S DX 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G EDWhy I need : Finally a cheaper version for a wide angle lens from Nikon. Dont trust Tammy or Sigma, just stick with Nikkor lense. With the widest angle you can get, pictures now will tell a gazzilion words.
The damage : RSP RM 3,498. Pro One kotaraya is selling for RM2800

3. Crumpler 6 Million dollar camera bag

Why I need : With a D80 body, 2 lense and a flash, the 4 million dollar Im having needs to make way for his bigger brother.
The damage : RSP 360. No way can go cheaper unless 2nd hand

4. Arsenal Away 09-10 jersey

Why I need : Because Im a true Gooner. Probably the most casual looking ever jersey made for Arsenal
The damage : RSP 259. Kitbag should cost around 25 Pounds ( RM140) during Christmas sale.

6 Responses so far.

  1. ur wishlist semua barang mahal ler! smile ur digimusic ads....to make ur dream come true

  2. thats why la can only by one item per year..hehehe

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