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Posted by TheFonz - - 4 comments

I must say, it had been a very fast moving half year to me. It feels like only yesterday we celebrated new year of 2007. Teman terase seperti mase mengejar teman,bukan teman mengejar mase. Come June now, its like the half time of a football match,the coach starts to yell at the players for all the dumb mistakes they did in the first half. Players pulak cam muhasabah diri and they try to improve the game in the 2nd half. Things that were planned to achieve at the 1st half of year, maybe due to the lack of consistency, tak tercapai pulak. So, this 2nd half of the year will give us the 2nd chance untuk mencapai ape yg tak tercapai in 1st half. Anyway, starting this 2nd half of the year, here are my wishlist. Take note people!!!

1. Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF AF-S VR DX Zoom-Nikkor Lens
Review : Just what I need to complete my Nikon D40. This hotness covers 18mm-200mm which I would say the ultimate all in one lens by Nikon. Very useful teman rase especially kalu nak ambik gambo2 yg impossible untuk pi dekat, for example, kalu nak ambik taik gigi singe. Plus, if you need to enter the Mat Skodeng world, you'll thank me later for mentioning this lens
Price: It cost a bomb, more expansive than the D40, street price around RM2600
Target date: End of the year (bile dapat bonus!!!!!!)

2. Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Review : This is the lens for all DSLR users out there.It's faster than a zoom and much, much sharper. That's right, no zooming! If you want to make the image bigger, move closer. Want to make a wider view? Step back. Disebabkan aperture and zoom yg fix, this lens is fast in capturing anything. That means you wont miss any precious moment.Paling senang korg nak tgk kan,photographer org kawin, diorg pakai lens ni la. Highly recommended kalu nak ambik portrait pictures.
Price : RM 350 - RM 400
Target date : Anytime soon bile ade mase mau pi usha

3. Nike Air Max breath cage or Nike Free 5.0 V2
Review : Teman sungguh tension kerane kasut telah dirembat oleh makhluk asing kat masjid shah alam.siott btol!!!So, once a nike lost,kene ganti ngan nike gak. Im just so into nike. The first is Nike Air Max Breath Cage, which is being worn by Rafael Nadal in the ongoing French Open. Tak tau la kan if this shoes will come to our local stores. The second one is the Nike free 5.o V2. Memang sdap ngan ringan kalu pakai. It takes the inspiration from running barefoot, engineered the technology into this shoe.
Price : Approximately RM 400 for the first and RM350 for the Nike Free
Target : Within this 2 months, I badly need a shoe now

4. Oakley CrosshairReview : No need for introduction. OAKLEY!!The best selling shades in the world. Famous for their straight line design on both side of the glasses. Teman dah lame mengidam sebenonye shades with the aviator style. But I dont really like Raybans, even tough they are popular with their aviator style shades disebabkan ramai gile mat rempit beli kat uptown spek rayban ni.
Price : RM450 from a friend of mine yg jadi dealer oakley yg berjaya. Retail price : RM 750
Target date : November maybe. Im not in hurry for this.

5. Deuter Futura 32

Review : Ni dia all in one backpack for travelling. Multipurpose, letak je pape kat dalam, semue boleh muat. I prefer travelling with backpacks rather than hand luggage cos tangan aku ni bukannye masculine, so cepat la lenguhnye. Deuter is very popular among the mat salleh cos it's cheap for them.
Price : Between RM500-400
Target date : November

6. EUROTRIP!!!!!!!!

Sengih sengih..suke la tu ekk...Teman jeles kamu dah jenjalan around europe!!!

Review : I've been dreaming watching Arsenal playing in Emirates Stadium lately!!Fuyohh, membuatkan semangat teman untuk find a way to go there one day.I would like to travel around Europe. Preferably around winterlah cos bukan saje murah, dapat main snow lagi tuuu.hahahah..Sebenonye, all my wish list from 1- 5 is to prepare for this trip...Gambatteneeee...
Price : TBD but the experiance will be priceless
Target date: End of the year....again kalu dpt bonus laaaaa

P/s: Teman dalam dilemma

4 Responses so far.

  1. Ah Jun says:

    ape lagik..lupekan dulu mende yg atas tuh...tak lari ke mane.. eurotrip tuh yg penting!!kalo nak melencong ke CSMU lagik bagus..aku ade kenal satu travel agent yg ade pakej tuh...kalo ko berminat laa... heheh!!

  2. Laily says:

    ape jadahnye nak amik gamba taik gigi singa ko ni pun?? aku beking laa si ah jun tu. takyah la beli mende2 alah kat atas tu, ko lompat trus mai eurotrip tuh :D

  3. The Fonz says:

    wah.memandangkan ade suggestion..
    soh teman trus jump ke no5..
    I will consider..hehehe

  4. Anonymous says:


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