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Posted by TheFonz - - 2 comments

Sorry guys for not updating for sometime now. End of the year so, many things need to be done and completed before we usher to the new year.

1. Had this opportunity to rest,refresh and rejuvenate myself with a short trip down under, Perth to be precise. Mom and I planned this for almost half a year ago, tickets were going for around 500 bucks that time. Cheap dirt I must say.
2. First time on AirAsia X, damn sucky because you can't adjust the seats at all!! Had a neck pain when I woke up 4 hours later. We took the midnite flight and reached Perth after 6 hours, which is the same time as Malaysia because of their daylight saving time.
3. Prebooked 2 Mitusbishi Lancer from Avis with GPS to cater 10 people, but ended up getting a Ford Falcon & a Holden Omega. Was disappointed at first, but when I started to drive this beauty (the Falcon), American muscle never disappoint anyone. The car was simply superb to drive, much more better than Ford Fiesta which I drove in UK last year.

4. First stop was to check in to our holiday guest house, Summerset Holiday House, perfect for 10-20 people with all the facilities just like your own house, except for Astro. Worth it as they only charge 200 AUD per night.
5. Off to Fremantle right after. Just a simple Port town, very popular with its market and restaurants selling fish and chip,yummy. Stuff from fresh fruits, fragrant coffee,t-shirts and tornado potato were sold here which reminds me of Central Market KL.
6. Fruits were fresh, too bad it was still pricey as the season was just started. Best time to enjoy cheap cherries is in December. Cherries were going for 25 AUD per kilo, but in December it can go as low as 3 AUD per kilo.
7. In front of the market, there was another attraction, Fremantle prison. We did not even bother to go in as it doesn't seem to be interesting.

8. We had fish & chip plus seafood tray ( mixed seafood platter) for lunch at Cicerello. The portion was huge, one each and the 6 of us was already full. Too bad they dont provide chilly sauce, you need to buy separately actually and it was bit expensive. So, the seafood were only dip in vinegar and salt.
9. Seagull was all over the place. They can get pretty extreme if you gave them food and they start to fight each other just for a piece of chips. Reminds me of the group of seagull shouting "mine,mine" in Finding Nemo.
10. As a remembrance of the fishermen that contributed to much in Frematle, you can find few statues along just in front of Cicerello.

11. Just opposite Cicerello, the was the statue of Bon Scoot, the ex lead singer of ACDCs. Didnt know he was an Australian, reminds me of their hit single "Higway to Hell".
12. Gelato or Ice Cream was so tempting that I had it almost everyday.

13. Was a long and tiring first day actually. With just 2 hours of sleep on the flight, almost 13 hours of day light, walking and driving non stop, I went to bed at 9pm that day.

2 Responses so far.

  1. siutt je ko di..ko p perth x belikan aku ole2..?

  2. yo bro....nice Perth trip ...nice pics also ler....

    HDR pic is superbly chun!