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Posted by TheFonz - - 3 comments

1. Had our team Q3 outing 2 weeks ago. The planned agenda was; started with breakfast at Pick N Brew, burn the calories with 6 frame of bowling session and lastly a nice lunch at Seoul garden, all in 1 utama.
2. This was the first time that our HOD, Risyam join us.He's not a big fan for outdoor, so bowling suits him very well.

3. A big breakfast to start the day, we had American breakfast full of pastries, fruits, sausage, omelets, pancakes and bacon. Everyone was so full by noon that we decided to skip the lunch and start bowling first instead. Owh my, the breakfast was a bit pricey, 20 bucks for the American breakfast.

4. Too bad the bowling alley was quite dark, imagine to freeza the action on camera and bump up the ISO, most of the pictures turned dark and the level of noise was bit high, wish that I have a D300s body with me. Fami was the overall champ. We ended up with only 2 frames each as most of us was tired, suffering from fatique hand muscles.
5. Lunch at Seoul garden was so so, infact I think that they have cut the numbers of food,used to be plenty last time around. Herbal soup was ok but I like the longan drink with fungus, super refreshing especially with the ice.

6. We had a great time especially when you don't need to work for the whole day. Looking forward to the next outing soon.

3 Responses so far.

  1. oh boy, i tell u working in DiGi is super fun esp got this kind of makan makan session....i have been gaining weight since ever then.

  2. Mun Yau says:

    bestnyer, Imran...

    I pun nak kerja kat DiGi jugak...Got vacancy ar? *winks*

  3. TheFonz says:

    via - never in the history of digizens can lose weight bro..hahaha

    mun yau - dude, long time no see, how r u?got vacancy,once we take over mobile tv..hahahha