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Posted by TheFonz - - 5 comments

1. Im sure that everyone knows regarding the Maxis IPO , probably South East Asia's largest ever IPO offer set to raise RM 11.2 Billion. Due to be listed tomorrow, you can start checking here by keying your IC number to see if kene ekor or not.
2. After consulting with many people especially those who are experience with shares and Maxis, Ive decided to try my luck. Talk to any ex- Maxis staff, they'll tell you how easy they become instant millionaires all this years. It shows that Maxis shares are very stable and less risk to rugi.
4. No, I'm not applying 100,00 units just to be an instant millionaire,but just enough for starters.

5. Alhamdullilah, I've just successfully made my very first investment in shares. Many more to come in the future.

5 Responses so far.

  1. aiseh bro...i shud tumpang on u lah...but congrats to u...u already make big bucks now...hehehe....

  2. pehh..aku ada usya aritu tapi beratur line panjang gila..malas lak aku...kerugian bagi org yg malas..haha

  3. laily says:

    halal n syarak approved tak?

    p/s: sorry weekend aku super bz tak sempat pun nak kontek ko! weekend ni aku balik lagi. ko jadi tak blanje aku??

  4. bro...no new update ke? now i kena poison by u with nikon

  5. TheFonz says:

    via - luck was on my side this time. But regretla just 1 lot, should have buy more.
    jarot - aku hantar pakai post, tak berator pn
    laily - i guess so..hahaha..bile la nak merase ko belanje ni..