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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

1. Visited Batu Caves for the first time ever in my life last Sunday together with Zul, Eyman and Faizal. The weather was so bright that many people especially Indians and foreigners took some time to visit this cave.
2. Best time to visit is in the morning, before 10am, just nice when the crowd is still not there yet. Be prepare to climb at list 284 stairs before you can reach the peak. Half way through, I was already 'pancit'

3. I underestimate that it was a piece of cake to climb up till the top, actually it is not easy as you think. upon reaching the top, you can see many Indians took the opportunity to pray for blessing especially for their kids.
4. Lotsa monkeys around scouting for food so beware if you are carrying any food along. There was this tourist from middle east who nearly got bitten by one of the monkey when he actually attempt to touch the monkey's head, what a stupid nuthead!!

5. Coming down was even worse than going up! The stairs was narrow and quite slippery as it was raining the night before. It make your 'kepala lutut' start to ache all the way till you reach down. Caught this cute little kid whose dad put him down and he started to crawl up. Manage to stop still when I wanted to take the photo.
6. A good excercise for us that Sunday by just walking up the stairs. If you can run up and down 5 times a week, conquering Kinabalu will definately be a piece of cake.

ps - My first test with lomo pictures

One Response so far.

  1. wah bro...u, zul and faizal really got the energy on sunday morning...

    batu cave really change a lot now...even the stairs are numbered now...