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Posted by TheFonz - - 4 comments

6 simple words to describe this movie; "Terlawak, Tersedih, Terbanyak pengajaran and Terbaik". I ranked Afdlin's movies pretty high as every new movie of his brings fresh ideas, new jokes and also introducing new cast, similar like what the late Jasmin Ahmad used to give us. Papadom the way I see :

1. Papadom is a very Disney like movie with lots of family values inside. It is a must watch especially for fathers with daughters. Bonding with your kids will be tough if you don't start early.
2. In the scene where Miasara was 10, the actually actress was Afdlin's daughter, also Miasara!
3. Ex Uitm students will get some picture how much Uitm have change since you left college. 60% of the movie was done in Uitm Shah Alam. You can see how the new Delima hostel looks like after going major renovation. The scene in front of the makcik jual buah reminds me of their mouth watering rojak.
4. Fans of Que Haidar and Farid Kamil, watched out for the gayish and geeky appearance .Something different from them. Watch out for "Wajib Tayang".
5. I like the part where Maisara like "menggentel" mat's nipple, but she was actually "menggentel" a cartoon character on is his shirt
6. Twist of the story is when Munirah (Saadom's wife) reappear many times in the movie, something that never strike my mind at all.

ps - Please watch this movie!!!!

4 Responses so far.

  1. kenwooi says:

    hmm interesting..
    okay i'll try to watch it.. =)


  2. wow...the movie title alredy sounds funny.

    yeah, the maxis ipo already can apply.

    the penang village is halal...no worries

  3. TheFonz says:

    ken - thanks for dropping by
    via - eyeing for one lot..hehehe

  4. good luck bro...hope u kena....i also 1 lot...