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Posted by TheFonz - - 5 comments

Every year after raya, Service Planning department in DiGi will organize a potluck session (Mapolla) for our non Muslim colleagues. Lots of food was served, rendang, nasi lemak, lontong, kuah kacang, aneka biskut and not to forget the nasi impit (specially cooked by myself for the 3rd year in a row).This year Mapolla was quite special as we had a new department head, Risham to join us for the 1st time.

Service Planning group photos. Big Boss was generous to
hand out duit raye for all of us

I avoid wearing baju melayu wole set with samping whenever I can because I hate the feeling of stickiness once you start to sweat. That day, I managed to survive 9 to 5 with the whole set..yeaaaayyyy...

Faiz ( with the thumbs up) was the organizer for the 2nd time. Kudos to the organizer
to put up an event full of foods and happy people

We had rounds and rounds of food. Satay was the main sellout, almost gone in 30 minutes for 200 sticks. Pick of the day was Nasi beriani brought by Azuree. Too bad it was just the nasi without any lauk to go with.

Gedik santai session. Most of them are 'Mak Orang'.

ps - Looking forward for next year's Chinese New Year potluck.

5 Responses so far.

  1. chun lah ur pics...u make me envy to get a dslr camera....later when i am free...will copy ur pics and put in my blog with a link to ur blogsite.

    click ur follow me oil control nn ads.

    fyi, my google adsense kena disable...sial betul.

  2. TheFonz says:

    Get a dslr la bro, buy first and learn later.sure can pickup one.

    got the reply email from google,they rejected by application.haiyooo..

  3. woih apesal ko x pakai baju lengkap kaler kuning? eheheheee

  4. TheFonz says:


    oish,lagi reject kalu pakai kuning, glamour gile

  5. hahaha...sure sure..see got bonus announcement a not.

    how come rejected? ur blog is a normal personal blog only. this time they are so strict. stick to nuffnang better then.