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Posted by TheFonz - - 3 comments

First conference of the year,hooorayyy. Some interesting facts from today's whole day session held in Istana Hotel

  1. Asia Pacific will be the biggest market in the world when it comes 2 applications
  2. 50 billion mobile devices to be connected by 2020
  3. 50% of Malaysians buy things online because of recommendations
  4. Content is King, mobile users are Queen. Both of them need each other to rule the world
  5. On mobile phone, the biggest users are youth and they love free contents
  6. Music download in Malaysia is not successfull at all in Malaysia, from a mobile perspective
  7. 31.1% Revenue comes from data usage, according to Maxis
  8. Data Rate is not gonna drop unless it is ad funded
  9. SMS is a good channel for ads due to high response rate
  10. Malaysia is highly intense social networking country, most us have 2 to 3 social networking account
  11. 3G expected to overtake 2G by 2010/2011 even tough no killer apps has been discovered for 3G
  12. 700 millions photos uploaded every month on facebook
  13. MCMC has a special grant for mobile application developers who needs funding.
  14. Iphone may be open to other telco in Malaysia cum November. All i can say is WOW!!!!..
Lets wait and see how true the no 14 is cum November.

3 Responses so far.

  1. bro...u r in my list and will click for u everyday ....

    i wanted to attend this conference...miss this out...

  2. thanks dude..

    think got some other more in November or December,similar to this

  3. ok...will go for nov/dec one...