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Posted by TheFonz - - 3 comments

Q3 results were out. DiGi management team took a whole 2 hours in the afternoon to brief all the DiGizens about the company's latest activities and performance as well as announcement about new developments and initiatives that will change the way Digizens work.

Sorry for the crappy photos. I only had my N73 that day

Townhall was packed with Digizens

Top points of the day:
  • 3% increase in number of subscriber. Growth is there, mostly on postpaid
  • Significance revenue contributions from broadband
  • 3% profit increase compare to Q2, which translate to 1/4 month bonus for all of us.hooorraaayyyy.
Happy faces after the bonus announcement

Villains of the day:
  • Quarterly profit down 1% compare to same period 2009
  • Big spending on rollout access for 3G. Meaning that it will push lower profit margin.
ps - Lets pray for a big end of the year bonus.

3 Responses so far.

  1. yeah bro...i wanna buy DSLR ler...

    first time in DiGi history they give quarterly bonus right?

    wahsei, townhall packed siul....i miss the event ...work @

  2. J@c08 says:

    nice to "bump" into your blog!

    If you still remember me lol

  3. TheFonz says:

    johnson - yup, first time ever.But i got the feeling that they actually tarik 0.25% from our annual bonus

    jacob - hey bro, long time no see.ofcos i do remember you, after sniffing into your blogs and looking at your pictures..hehehe