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Posted by TheFonz - - 0 comments

How did Michael influence my life?

1. It all started when I was in Primary 4, a friend of mine, Vimal, he was like the Michael Jackson of SRK Convent that time. Yes, its SRK Convent ok, the only one in the world I guess which allow boys to sit for UPSR and enjoy being in an all-girl-namesake school. Mase ni, most of the occasion in school like hari penyampaian hadiah, malam kebudayaan pengakap, etc, one of the slot belongs to him. Doing the moonwalk along with "Black or White" playing at the background, that was the first time I was introduced to Michael Jackson. Abang Vimal skg dah pencen, he no longer has the stamina like those days.

2. I was so into "The Way You Make Me Feel" during the early of Secondary School. That time, I had a crush on this girl (takmo ckp sape!!), so I would imagine us being in that video yang Michael try to woo the girl by following her here and there. Tiap-tiap malam la aku berangan. Come to think of it, memang sakai la aku ni.

3. MJ playlist is a must bagi aku, be it in the car,ipod,pc. There was once, when I was driving and some friends was together with me. Mase lagu MJ dimainkan, one of them was like "OMG, you are listening to MJ Imran, so outdated!!" MJ has never been outdated. 15 years and counting, Im still listening to the same old MJ songs. Try listening to Billie Jean while jogging, you'll definitely fell lebih besemangat and kurang letih to run.

4. My first ever original cassette bought from pasar malam (that time, org tak tau nak pirate lagu lagi) was MJ's album, Dangerous. This guys, he sells kacang putih and cassettes mase kat pasar malam Tanah Rata dulu. The last time I saw him few months ago, he is selling kacang putih full time as his cassettes telah pupus due to the emerging of rapidshare,torrent adn itunes.

5. Before transformers the movie, MJ telah lame transform jadi kerete and robot in his movie, Moonwalker. If you remember the movie,part paling mengancam is when he toss the coin, then the coin masok ngam2 pulak vertically dalam slot coin jukebox itu. I did try to do the same at the nearby gerai where they have a similar jukebox, cume lagu MJ takdelah kan. End up dimarahi oleh makcik kedai coz it took me so long to choose the music, org lain pn nak pakai

7. I use to buy Galaxie mag every month wihtout a miss. Also, I do send every single contest available, provided that no slogans required. The first ever time I won was The Jackson 5 30th Anniversay celebration. Contest was easy, just be the first 30 to send in. Surprisingly, postmen atas bukit was so laju at that time to send to KL.The prize, a collection of 6 CDs of the Jackson 5, the only songs that I know till now is I Want You Back, ABC and Ben. Lain semue tak tau wooo...

8. Jika jiwa mengalami keracauan, start listening to "You are not alone", never fails to ease the keracauan.

As much as MJ music has touch and being there throughout 25 years of my life, Im sure that he has touch billions of people out there. Call him a freak,wacko,weirdo,homo,etc, nobody can deny what he has done for the music industry. MJ, you'll be remember by all....