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Posted by TheFonz - - 0 comments

Sorry for not writing for so long. I do have things to share everyday, is just that I'm too lazy to blog this way. Lets hope that one day, blogging will be as easy as, everything will be automated. What ever you think and say, will be written down for you.Super convenient rite?

School holiday is here and so does wedding season ( I try so much to avoid this topic but unfortunately I cant run). Had an opportunity to attend my classmates wedding during matriculation days. First was Pian and Zel, one is a teacher and the other half a dentist. Both were sweethearts during those days, 2003, those friends involved will remember how he was so cuak, trying to woo and confess her in Hugo Supermart ( Now Parkson of cos). "Kalu ade jodoh tu tak kemane", so here we are, 6 years later. Light brown was the theme, I must say, the lauk was superb. Lauk of the day, it has to be sambal belacan buah machang!!! Makan sampai terangkat pedasnye!! Oh, dont get me wrong, of cos I'm here for the newlyweds, tapi the sambal was so tempting. Took me 4 glasses of sirap to ease the heat.

Thank God it was not so hot that day, morning was so cloudy but it didnt rain, just nice for an outdoor wedding. If you guys notice, banner like this "Selamat Pengantin Baru" dgn muke classic pengantin has gain popularity. Maybe because there are so many weddings on the same day, this kind of banner will help para jemputan from attending the wrong wedding. Imagine if the in same kampung, 3 wedding dgn pengantin same name, mau tak kalutnye kalu sedare mare datang. Just my 2 sens..hahahahah...

Second wedding of the week was Azli & Lisa, both has the same storyline as Pian & Lisa except for both are teachers now. Also, the didnt start their journey in a supermarket. 2 kodok ini especially Azli, selalu kutuk camne Lisa pakai broch tudung die ( Her trademark was the broch dekat atas kepale,yang kecik la kan,mmg ramai yg perasan la). After few months stalking, he started to tell us about his crush and we started to help him. The rest was history. Azli...Azli....

This was the first time for me, a wedding which serves ikan patin masak tempoyak as one of the lauk. Superbbb!!!The 4 hours drive to Jerantut was worth every penny, not only for the wedding, meeting some old friends which I havent see in 6 years, it was a rare occasion. To both newlyweds, semoge berbahagie sampe akhir hayat.

p/s: Nasik minyak every Saturday & Sunday till end of the month