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Posted by TheFonz - - 0 comments

Found this very informative article while searching for Nikkor lens review. Didn't expect Ken Rockwell to come out with such writing especially when all he does is lens review and photography "how-to". You may find that most can be adapt to our Malaysia environment but some cant (He is an American by the way). Some of my comments on his writing.

"Cheap vs frugal" - Sometimes, because we wanna save so much, we actually forgot how being so cheap cost us more in the long run. Take example buying a second hand tyre which save you let say 50 bucks from brand new, does it guarantee to last as long as brand new?what about the safety? The cheapest option isn't always the best. Being frugal is seeking value for your money.

"Never Buy a New Car" - Unfortunately in this country, if you stick with national or Japanese car such as Honda or Toyota, it doesn't make any different because the depreciation of value is not significant between first and second hand. Plus the high interest rate for second hand car, you might only save a bit. Example below:

Brand new Honda City (RM89,000) with interest rate of 2.8%.
Total cost of ownership = RM100,278 / Rm928 per month.

2007 Honda City (RM 60,000) with interest rate of 4.5%.
Total cost of ownership = RM84,300 / RM 780 per month.

As you can see, we might thing that second hand car save us a lot, its actually not. Unless you are going for continental car (BMW,Mini,Volvo), the
depreciation valus is much greater, some say around RM 30K to 20K a year. Dont dream of having cheap car as long as Proton and Perodua is still around.

"Don't Commute" - Its hard not to cummute this days, especially if you are working in KL

4. "Dont eat out" - Totally agree. A recent visit to Kedai Ikan Bakar Section 2 Shah Alam during lunch time almost made me look at the makcik twice, a mid size kembung bakar, sayor manis masak lemak and nasik separuh cost me 6 bucks!!!!2 years back the same thing only cost half. Blame at the price of petrol? It has gone down now, so who and what to be blame for bizarre price? Like Rockwell said,
unless you're eating off the dollar menu at fast food (as he have always done), cook your own food!

"Patience and diligence" - Rockwell says that he waited until the time is right to get things that you want. Normally, when things is new in the market it will be very expensive. Just be patience and wait, you'll get the same stuff at a cheaper price.

6. " Trift " - I believe this is Rockwell's qoute of the year, " a luxury, once sampled, becomes a necessity ". If you used to something, you tend to stay and never down grade.

7. "Live with your parents" - Ken stress that only move out if you really need to. Its not like you are staying for free, but the amount you gave to your parents every month is much lower compare to staying out by your own. Plus, you get to spend time with the family, something that I really miss when staying alone.

The rest of the post you can read in his website. Im trying to put into practice as much as I can, hopefully not hangat-hangat tahi ayam..hehehhe..