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***WARNING : Extremely lots of pictures. Not suitable for dial up speed***

1. What a week that was. Firstly, after one and a half year delay, finally I'm done with my masters. Fuhhhhh...Writing the whole thing itself has cost me 3 months of weekends sitting down and keep own typing and typing. The momentum has to be there so that you wont slip and ignore the whole thing ( I tend to get distract very easily). Writing is one thing, the presentation itself if another whole new thing. After years of experience, I found out that, do not present things you dont know how to explain, in detail of cos. Nanti kene tembak dgn persoalan maut, kat situ jugak la kantoi. I also notice that not many lecturers give a constructive criticism . Mostly more towards targeting what we miss and without giving any suggestion how to improve. No wonder my previous supervisor said that it is easy to get a PhD outside compare to Malaysia. Sebabnye,lecturer sini terlalu taksub dgn kesalahan yg student buat,kritik gile2 then fail kan.Tak percaye?I bet you can get the answers from student2 yg pernah buat PhD locally. Anyway, that's for now,I'm stopping here,no more any of this academic stuff for at list another 5 years. I need a break. Put yourself in my shoes and you'll see what its like studying full time while working.

2. Started the break with a trip down under to Singapore visiting relatives and at the same time jalan2 around Singapore (last was 2005). Lotsa change I would say, but most of the development were well plan since they have very limited land to waste on. We drove down (almost 4 hours). It was the first time driving down under. Not much of hassle driving around as the sing boards are visible everywhere.

Day 1 : Orchard Road. Not much of sale going on yet. More on Christmas decorative

Litter free road.Almost lahh..

Landmark of Orchard Road, Tangs

Day 2: Sentosa Island. We took the cable car from Mount Faber

Welcome to Sentosa. Breathtaking scenario of the port.
Wonder if one day we can see Port Klang like this.

Part of us

The luge. Downhill tapi tak cukop jauh.

Silosa beach. The beach was small but for sure its clean

Singapore newest attraction : Singapore flyer aka macam eye on malaysia lah.
One round trip takes 35 minutes so you know how high it is.

The view on top is superb, overlook the whole of Marina Bay and financial district.
This is the pit for the F1 race. You can see 50% of the race track from the flyer

Marina Bay. Can you see the floating footie pitch??That grandstand are
where if you can remember during the F1 race,
the circuit when under the grandstand. That's the one.

Cousin Sam is going to Saudi next month. So we did some teaching on
how to where the tudong and jubah. Nasib baik tak payah pakai hijab.

3. Back in the office on Monday. DiGi were having this event called "DiGi Stampede" where about 900 of us including the C's go out around Klang Vallley to promote people to switch to DiGi and keep your numbers. 28 teams consists of 30 people each were drop in various places. Being the last team leave the office, we end up somewhere new by, Sunway Pyramid. Teman ni bab2 menjual ni yg payah,mmg kene muke tebal 18 inchi baru dpt jual. So, to play safe without feeling to embarrass, I settle with just giving out flayers, let the rest do the talking. Mmg malu giledowhh!!!

Memule kami lepak depan main entrance pyramid, kejap je pehtu dah kene halau.
Nasib la ade topi nak tutup muke sikit, if not,i'll ban myself from pyramid for sometime,
mmg akan ingat la pak guard tu kat aku.

Our last stop before lunch. One Utama

4. Ok now back to jelajah kampungku. This time we look at Leicester. Kecik2 dulu aku sebot lai-ces-ter. Back then, their home footie team, Leicester City was still in premiership. Remember Tony Cotee, brother yang men untuk selangor dulu? He use to be one of the star player for Leicester. Anyway, Leicester is about an hour by bus from Loughborough. Setakat yg aku nampak, this town has the most Indian minority in the town itself, so bolehla nampak kedai jual tandoori and saris die merate Leicester.

Leicester : South of Louborough

Leicester clock tower, the heart of Leicester

Mamat yg sedang layan masyuk lagu red indian

Atok tue ni pn layan nyanyi ntah kebende aku tak paham.
Tapi mostly barang yg die offer adalah bekaitan ngan jewish and Nazis.
Aint both of them cant get along during the war?

Sports statue on Gallaway gate. Merangkumi sports yg Leicester kire otai,
football, rugby and kriket

One LeicesterLeicester Central market, dijamin kering dan bebas air atas lantai

Leicester financial district

Highcross Leicester shopping centre. Besau gedabak Apple store

5. Next stop is Donington, nearby East Midlands Airport where cheap flights as low as 10p to Barcelona by either Easyjet or RyanAir uses this airport as one of their international hubs. Donington have one of the biggest car boot sale space. Owh before that for those who wonder what is car boot sale, it the the British form of "kedai bundle" minus the kedai actually, Car boot sales are a way of focusing a large group of people in one place to recycle still useful but unwanted domestic items that previously would have been thrown away.Macam2 boleh jumpe kat sini, from toys up to kerusi meje,semue boleh dpt.

Donington location

If luck is with you, you can get designer stuff at a very low price, 50 pence for example

Lampu pn org jual weh. Tons of books also. I got away with
The Rocks autobiography for only 1p, retail at 16.99p

How much is this CD? 1 p please. Tawar menawar boleh dijalankan

The whole idea of car boot sale, selling stuff from a car boot itself

6. Weather wasnt good that day, so we did not get that much time at the car boot sale. So, we moved on to another market sale, this time in one of Donington Park Circuit parking space. This market offers mostly immitation goods at a very low price, but dont expect as cheap as car boot sale lah. Stuff from toys, handphone acessories, bantal, tilam, keropok, boleh dpt kat sini

Entrance fee is 50pence.

Makcik Giant mengusha toys

Ni yg menarik, meat was sold auction style. Butcher tu ade skill nak
jadi footbal pundit one day, pandai je die goreng pehtu convince org beli

Like I said before, ade je org jual burgers everywhere

Right beside East Midlands Airport

Something for the kids. Ade satu budak ni mase nak turun, org soh turun tapi die jump,
so she was bouncing all the way down tonggang langgang,nasib bek tak patah tengkok

Owh, terjumpe rakyat Malaysia lagi!!!

7. Jelajah Kg part 4, we'll look at City of Manchester. I HATE MU