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Posted by TheFonz - - 3 comments

1. Congratulation to my one of my gang, Ali who got married on Friday (080808), semoge berbahagia hingga akhir hayat. I personally prefer to extend the kebahagiaan till akhir hayat cos some might prefer hingga anak cucu. Come to think of it, after you have anak cucu and umor panjang, will you still be bahagia??ahahhaha,just my 2 sens. So again, semoge bahagia hingga akhir hayat. Majlis bersanding was this afternoon, I was so happy because ramai kenalan mase degree dulu datang. The ladies was busy talking and discussing bile mau kawan and for yg dah kawin bile junior nak mai. The guys plak sebok mengukur prut sape paling boyot kedepan. I must say that I'm a bit relieve and kurang terase cos back during study time, all I have was just 6-5 pax (only one la!!). So till today, nothing much change since back then.Maintain je......

2. One good lesson learned last week was, no matter how good you plan for something,just be prepared for the worse case scenario, especially when doing something for the first time without having any experience before. 2 hours of explaination to the bosses plus all the scolding i get, i guess its true like what they always say,shit happens!!!

3. Fariq, sahabat teman since zaman2 primary 1 lagi, mase tu 1 terung ( agak malu bile org tanye ape name class ko mase sekolah dulu) sudah pn bergelar seorg DR, dentist to be exact. Congratulations, it shows that all the hard work put in sudah pn membuah kan hasil. Dr Fariq, if you ever read this, bile ko nak schedule buat scaling gigi aku neh, dah berkarat tahap kapal titanic yg karam tuh

4. Malaysia's political scene suck big time. Lotsa conspiracy here and there. To be honest, none of them can be trusted, be it the badawi's team or even anwar's clan. Semue tak leh caye, pandai bermain dgn kate2 manis. Mungkin depa tu kencing manis kot, thats why kalu bercakap pn selalu manis2 je. Lets all pray for a change and stability towards a better Bolehland.

5. Exactly in a month time, I'll be on vacation. To be honest, I do feel like a bit nervous now going some new place for the first time. With the 13 hours of flight, it better be all smooth..

3 Responses so far.

  1. Laily says:

    aku jeles ngan no5. huh.

  2. . . . . . says:

    huhu..oit edi, mane gambo aku mase wed ALi?? nak gak tenok...

    meh jenguk blog baru aku

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