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Posted by TheFonz - - 0 comments

Tonight's debate between Shabeery and Anwar was like a debate between a mechanic with the owner of the car who knows nothing but to blame on the mechanic for his malfunction car.One who champions the economy of Malaysia and another is just a menteri yg tugasnye "menggam" artis yg tak ikot undang2. Im sure if you are reading this ,you'll agree with me. Anwar came out with so many convincing facts but Shabs just more on a defensive mode, debating Anwar's past history. I personally dont take any side, but I have to go with Anwar this time especially when he mentioned about other oil producing country which have a high inflation rate. Take Venezuela for example, inflation is sky high but petrol is still dirt cheap. Compare to Malaysia, already petrol is sky high, inflation as well is getting up there. All this facts, Shabs just couldn't counter back. Why did the government put him in this debate at the first place. Letaklah seorang expert with our economy. Debate ni bukan dgn calang2 org, we are talking about Anwar yang kate2nye (walaupun kene kencing) begitu influential sekali. Ish ish ish, let see whats the papers would say tomorrow, not to forget other blogs as well

Anyway, remember Forest Gump? If you do, then you'll appreciate more by getting down to BubbaGump Shrimp restaurant at the Curve. The whole decor itself tells the story of the movie.Was there last Friday.

"Run forest run" - Waiter akan buat donno je kat org. You need
"Stop forest stop" - to get their attention

....... baramundi. I cant remember. This is their signature dish

I had this burger at 12.00am. Not that good compare to Carls Junior

Verdict : Highly recommended if you are a true forest gump fan. They even have a merchandise store beside, too bad it was close when I was there.Food wise, oklah , not that great.Majority of the food is base on shrimp.

Kuantan during the weekends. Damn hot like shit!!!

Kuantan in HDR

Look what we found after pusing2 and ronda2 around town..........

She loves durian more than me

Ofcos i love my doyan more than her


Misae suke doyan..ari2 misae makan doyan