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Posted by TheFonz - - 2 comments

Rm 2.70 per liter. Yeap, thats what we will be paying for petrol starting midnite. From Rm 1.92 to RM 2.70,about 40%,thats really huge. The last spike was only RM0.30 and you guys might know what other things went up as well. Asal ade kaitan dgn petrol, semue pn naik.When I first started driving, it was only about Rm25 for a full tank (I'm driving kancil by the way) which can last we about 350-400km. Then when the government increase RM0.30, a full tank would cost me around RM34. Now with this new price,I guess it will be around RM45 (Alhamdullilah I actually pump full tank yesterday, tak payah la queue up bagai nak gile kat petrol station today). Bagi aku,honestly I dont really fell the pinch of this spike cos it will probably add up an extra RM50-Rm100 on my spending for fuel.Kire still manageable...tapi(sigh)...Nampaknye ade harapan la aku pakai Kancil sampe mati neh.Not only that, maybe less trip balik kampung, less movie marathon, less makan2 pricy food (Carls junior,Bubba Gump shrimp, McD,huhhu) so that the money save boleh di park kan under petrol expenses.Yang paling dirisaukan,if (aku rase dah for sure) the rest of the petrol berkait things like food,electricity, etc. Mende2 tu actually yg betol2 membebankan.
I dont know what is our government thinking before and after deciding the price hike. Agak membebankan I would say I you are a low income earner. Memang for sure fuel price hike tak boleh dielakkan but I hope they'll do something to compensate this hike. Nak kate ade improvement kat public transport,makin teruk adelah. To compare petrol price with Singapore is totally insane!!First of all, kite adelah pengeluar minyak, so if harge minyak naik, kite dpt untung. Secondly, yang aku hairan bin ajaib skali is when we compare,we compare in ringgit. The last time I was down under,a liter of fuel cost around SGD1.80. Bagi Singaporean murahle sebab its only SGD1.80 where else kite ni yg earn in ringgit,bayar time tu RM1.92. Put the conversion a side because depa earn in SGD and we earn in RM

Ps: Im thinking of cycling to work...

2 Responses so far.

  1. The Fonz says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  2. Ah Jun says:

    hohohoh....beselaa tuh..aku pon maybe pakai kete second hand sampai mati...ko nak cycling sampei ke taman guru ke?

    hahahah...sure jadik kerempeng mcm akak nanti