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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

Hey, my "kampung" has Starbucks now. Who would have thought Starbucks will come here before. Im thinking now, how long can they sustain and keep the business running sedangkan kedai teh tarik yg dijual for RM1.50 pn org dah pulau.

Starbucks Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Signature Hot Chocolate

Frappucino Mocha

Caramel Marchiatto

Euro is over. What a surprise to see Aragones yang dah tue gile kene angkat dek anak2 buahnye, nasib baik org tue itu tak kene heart attack. From France to Holland, then ke Germany plak, you can see how "lalangness" I can be sometimes in football. France were no longer playing the " pass to winger and then let Henry run as free as possible" style, they were too dependent on the kude2 tue with the likes of Thuram, Sagnol, Coupet & Henry. The only outstanding player was Ribery, too bad he was injured at the early stage during the last match against Italy. Holland was soo predictable, strong in group stages but hampeh in the knockout stage.Dont know what went wrong there. My player of the team, it has to be Sneijder. Germany pulak, well it shows that tall defenders does not always have the advantage. I dont blame Lahm for letting Torres scored, its more on how Metzelder & Mathesacker handle the strikers. Both are way too slow and senang diperkotak katikkan. Let see in 4 years time who will be the European Champions.

Back in Malaysia again. I must say it has been a "bangun-awal-pagi-to-read-blogs" week. So many things happen, starting with this guy "poking" this guy, then this guy play nyorok2 in turkish embassy, this guys pulak said he got no connection with the ongoing allegations.The guy who "poke" claims that this is all lies and everything was a scam to bring him down again. Even the IGP and AG has something to do to with this.Come today at a press conference, someone's PA made a confession publicly that guy actually have meet and has some special connection with this girl. Malaysia is getting more and more in the spotlight for the wrong reason. With all this scandals and rumors, plus the shrinking of ringgit and the ever high petrol price, I'm not sure this place can be our "tanah tumbah negaraku" lagi. Is like waiking up tomorrow not knowing whats gonna happen to the country.

Ps: I remember.....the way you smile.....yes I remember...

One Response so far.

  1. Laily says:

    tak boleh blah. "the guy who poked the other guy". huahuahuaaa

    ko nih euro citer basi daaa. jom layan olimpik plak.

    ko pi tak chelsea nanti? aku piiii!! :D