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Posted by TheFonz - - 3 comments

I must say that, throughout last week, it was really a fatty+high calories+lemak tepu habis week that actually sabo my month long diet program. It all started on Sunday with my fav nasi daun pisang in Jalan Gasing PJ, Kanna curry house with Ai Jia. It was her birthday so you know,once a year occasion, why not just forget about the diet thinggy and pamper yourself, dah lame tak pekena nasi daun pisang neh. After all, the lunch was balanced, nasi separuh with 3 side dishes of vege. I just could not resist the mutton curry Owh my, is there any time when I actually can resist the temptations for lamb & mutton. Memang tak leh siot tahan from this stuff!!!

Come monday, aku berazam not to take anything except for dinner in order to fully utilized all the extra calories taken from yesterdays lunch ( I skip dinner actually that day,huhuhu). So before lunch hour, i made myself clear im not going out and will keep myself busy during that hour to forget about lunch (konon la boleh tahan). Too bad one of my collegue dgn berbesar hati mau belanje. What can I say, sebagai seorg yg bujang, you cannot say no when it comes to free food,kiasu gile kan. We got to know that Wendy's (one of the most popular fast food chain in US which is famous for their square shape beef petty) baru sahaje bukak dekat Sunway Pyramid.Wanted something different and new, so off to Wendy's!!I must say nothing special, just lame and ordinary food, burgers itself normal except for the square shape petty, thats all. The feeling of guilt was there tapi apekan daye, org belanje so bedalje. That nite I skip dinner again, 2 days in a row. Horray!!!!

On Wednesday, McD came out with a version of double Big Mc. Extra 2 beef petties ( makes it 4 altogether) and 1 extra cheese. And they called it " Mega Mc". I had it for dinner that day, so bayangkan lah,after makan mmg mengantok gile siot. They were also having a promotion of free Big Mc throughout May. The trick is, you need to do the Big Mc Chant in 4 seconds to walk away with that Big Mac. I got the coupon which entitle for 1 chance to take part but still I dont have time to pay a visit and do the chanting. Might be doing soon as tgh bulan camni, duit dah sengket,its time for free food...hahahhah

The Mega MC. All you have to do for the free Big Mc is to chant
" Two-all beef patties,special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles,
onions, on a sesame seed bun" in less than 4 seconds.

Friday plak, there was a surprise party at the office. Being own by Norwegian company (Telenor), we celebrate almost every big festive season in Norway. It was their National Day on Saturday so since its on the weekends, the management decided to bring forward a day and we had in on that Friday. Aku rase nilah hari paling guilt makan tahap babun. We had 6 inch hotdogs and Waffle (vanilla and chocs)+ Ice Cream ( whole tons of flavor) + Topping (Super manis toppings from blueberry cream, choco chips+ceramel and etc) courtesy of Waffle World (1 Utama). We also had this special super duper hard and sweet pretzels (kire cam tradisional cookies la untuk depa). It was like Hari menternak lemak + sugar level +perot boroi for all that day

While waiting for the Norwegians to sing their National Anthem

I had 2 of this. So 1 foot long hotdogs for that day

Chocolate waffles with Vanilla ice cream and strawberry + blueberry
toppings plus extra caremal. There is the cupcakes and super hard pretzels.
Just imagine how much of sugar on this..hmmmmm

To sum up my super duper ternak lemak week, I end up with Carls junior today. For those yang tak tahu lagi, yep, this is the same Carls junior that hit KL before ( they even open the 1st fast food chain in Cameron but only bertahan for 4 months before guling tikar. Guess the farmers up there prefer their Rm2.00 Ramli burger than the RM7++ for Carl's). Name is still the same but if you expect the price and the burgers just like the 90's,be prepare for the extra large burger size with some hefty price tag (cheapest is RM15++ for just the burgers). Mahal sey kalu melantak hari2.The portions of the meal justify the price, so you wont be complaining much about the price.I had Double western bacon burger ( 2 beef petties + bacons + onion rings) and medium set of fries and drink. The fries itself are not like those in McD's, here are thicker and you can see some leftover skin on it. I do prefer my fries to be that way, it brings out extra natural flavoring to the fries. It cost me RM 25 for this but nasib baiklah the manager is a friend Faizol, so we got a 20% for everything.

Once a month occasion

PS: Teruknye lah diet aku minggu neh

3 Responses so far.

  1. hamboihh...makan sunggoh ye kome..menjeles betoi le teman nengok nyerrr...haishhh..
    makin bulat le kapla tu weih.. hehe.
    takpe2...tungguler aku balek bulan 7 nnti...siap2 wallet tu yerk..hahaha.

  2. Weh... Jaga sket diet ko tu. Tau la Presiden Alumni Perut2 Best *haha* Jangan melantak kerap sgt Carl's Jr tu :P

  3. The Fonz says:

    dewisoulhaa-org kita makan macam2,tidak kira pagi petang siang malam.

    amir-marziatul- akulah president alumni perut2 best seumor hidop!!!