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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

Aku sendiri antare yg susah untuk adapt and change to suit the changers around. This is call being very the comfortable dlm "comfort zone" masing-masing. When everything is ok around you,buat apelah kan crack your head and take the risk untuk buat something which you dont know what is the outcome,simply because you never do it yourself before. Life is all about changers. Satu lesson yang aku belajar is kalau we take the risk and succeed, kepuasan itu macam makan ikan bakar kat Jalan Bellamy belakang Masjid negare. Alhamdullilah and worthwhile. If not, ade kalenye rase seperti ingin berenang merentasi lautan pasific supaya dpt dilupakan and some take it as lesson learn to improve in the next attempt.

Some life experience and lesson learned around me since my last entry:

1. Buat kali pertamenye aku witness C section operation....but it was recorded earlier by my boss. Aku agak pelik jugak cos as far as i know, nobody is allowed to bring in video cam into the OT, ni kan plak record the whole process. My colleague, the 5 of us, visited his wife in Pantai Hospital Bangsar. This was her 3rd time giving birth thru ops, so mmg le dah otai dah bab bab the trill and spills of the ops. Boss aku yang sengal pn playback the whole procedure mase kitorg sampe. Aku terkebil2 jugak trying to figure out ape yg that man in that green scrubs tu buat. My boss,being the champion 2 times before this, told us in detail ape depa buat. Aku lihat agak simple,memule cam potong perut die cket,and then cube untuk pecah kan that selaput belon (ntah ape namenye), tarik baby tu keluar, kasi baby tu nangis, and the jahit balik. Everything in 20 minutes tak silap aku. No screaming ("1 2 3 Pushhhhhhhhhhhh...Its coming out,OMG....1 2 3 Pushhhhhhhhhhh....) mcm normal delivery yang first time aku tgk mase matrix dulu. Cume setback yg aku tgk the patient agak lemah cket, takes few days before boleh recover. Im trying to imagine mase org2 dulu, takde OT and scrubs, how to they deliver the baby kalu ade complication yang memerlukan ops. Pakai parang maybe??anybody can explain?

2. That genius girl Safiyah Yusof yang ntah macam mane dgn selambe kodok jadi prostitute pehtu dgn selambe kodok lagi jual interview dengan News of World so that the whole world knows what was her sex experience like. Her most search quote on Google: "I had the best sex in my life.....". She's hot I must say!! (iklan sampingan)......Aku kat sini bukan layak untuk judge die on what she's doing now. Memang lah salah from all segi whats she's doing now, but sure there must be a reason for her act. Parents nowadays berlumbe2 nak mengeniuskan anak2 seawal mungkin. Take Sufiyah for instant, at the age of 13 dah masok Oxford dgn life without TV and study gile2, aku 13 tahun masih lagi pi main aci kejo kat taman permainan without having the thought of PMR,ni plak kan College. She maybe genius dari segi Math and stuff tapi aku rase dr segi mentality, macam manelah die nak bergaul ngan classmates die yg kat sane rate2 remaje kerepot umor 17 and above. The way of thinking is totally different. Imagine having to change your mind set all of a sudden just to adapt with the new environment, kije gile tu babe. At the age of 13 baru nak kenal monkey love, the rest udah kenal the art of "Gitu-gitu,ahem ahem", so no surprise she is obsess with "gitu-gitu" today. Malaysia government plak nak jadi champion lately, to send some motivator for some nasihat and stuff. Its too late dude, she's like 19 now, dah besar panjang untuk pikir whats good and bad. So, i dont see the benefits for this.

Ahmad malesse,sila jgn jadi cam Sufiyah...hahahah

3. Never in my life aku tak boleh tido malam sebab pikirkan kije. My colleague selalu cite depa tak dpt tido when there are work still pending on them. True enough, this week aku dah kene penyakit neh. Whatever normal daily routine I did, that pending shit work keeps on playing around in my head. Talking about responsibility where if you dont deliver, it will effect the rest. Worse cast if your work depends on others to solve for you because you dont have the expertise. 1st day experience with system administrator(SA - people who administrate the servers) was so shitty, some of them doesn't even know the basic of UNIX and you call yourself a SA.In Digi, your work is specific, let say in my example, you know that problem can be solve with the help of SA, you can basically tell him what to do, and he should know how to do. Bile SA pn donno how to do, it gets very frustrating. Thats why I didnt get my normal tido malam. 3 consecutive sleepless nite googling here and there to find the solutions sebab sepatah haram I didnt know and takde experiance about this, more than 12 hours sitting in the 10 degree Celsius server room and selambe kodok touch the system without permit ( kalu kene tangkap,mmg jadi kodok la aku), alhamdullilah everything was ok and I get my sleep again yesterday.

The end of sleepless nite + new knowledge + new experience = satisfaction

Outlandish - Callin' U

I'm callin' U
With all my goals, my very soul
Ain't fallin' through
I'm in need of U
The trust in my faith
My tears and my ways is drowning so
I cannot always show it
But don't doubt my love

Agak obsess dgn lagi ni skang. Thanks to the other "loser" like me..hahahaha...

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  1. Laily says:

    hahhaha, kannnn dah sangkut dgn lagu aku tuh. and thanks kerana menambahkan titik itam dlm otak aku ni haa. that is one hot malay. hotdamn! hahhaha :D