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Posted by TheFonz - - 3 comments

Nampaknye lately, ape saje yg keluar dari mulut DR M, semue orang especially politicians berkerut dahi thinking how to counter his opinions,critics, allegations, ideas and etc. Read his latest outbreak today. Tunggu sajelah how long Najib will take to answer and what he will say to this. Walaupun dah pencen, aura DR M tetap menyengat, nobody will take his words for granted. His charisma as a leader never fades. Orang kate die agak kotor mase memerintah dulu (aku rase takde one politicians pn yg bersih di dunia neh) tapi majority of Malaysian still respects him. That is what leader is all about, being respect by the rakyats!!

2008 Summer blockbuster

I got this email from a friend, the title was "2008 summer blockbuster movies". I must say that whoever did the modification of this poster did it well especially using photoshop. The superimpose, near perfect I would say.Manelah die dpt idea to superimpose image Pak Lah into the original Initial D movie poster. Pastu plak the the title itself membuatkan aku tergelak seketika.With the Type ZzZz (Type R actually for Honda performance tune engine), first time sape2 tgk poster neh, memanglah nak gelak. It shows that if seseong itu sungguh obses nak kenekan org lain, kreativitynye akan meningkat sekali ganda untuk mencari jalan nak kenekan org tu jugak. In my personal opinion, aku tak tau lah kalu betol ke Pak Lah ni mismanage Malaysia so far because of influence by KJ,those are the things yang aku sendiri tak pernah nampak, all of the stories were told by others. But seeing him sleeping during public fuctions on youtube, mende neh mmg tak boleh blah. Yes i know he is just human like us yang ade kalenye terlelap, napelah terlelap mase semue camera is focusing on you. Haiyo, it is just so shameful. So far I did not hear or see anymore paklah's terlelap video being upload after the election that day. I guest disebabkan byk sgt kije yg die kene buat and pikir, there is no more space and time to sleep. Good for you Pak Lah!!

"I hate politics cos they talk crap and will only serve you kalu kite bawak masalah setempat masok TV3 and Karam Singh Wallia jadi reporternye"

Aku agak amazed ngan perkembangan reality show this days. Nampaknye makin ramai nak tunjukkan whats goin on with their daily life. Show yang paling aku layan skg, Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood. Walaupun nampak die ni macan thugz, PIMP, ganas gile, tapi at home actually he's like the totally opposite. His wife actually cam orang bese je, nuthing hot compares with any of the gurls yang features dalam videoclips Snoop. Satu mende yang aku observe and envy, is the openness between Snoop as the father with his kids. I myself use my mom as a proxy to talk to my dad. Rasenye rate2 budaya kite kat sini, agak close ngan mom rather than dad. Ape yang selalu disuarakan, will always be rejected by him. Mothers are more lenient and flexible, as long as you are a good boy...which I am (confest habis neh)...Mom will always listen...

"Sometimes if you're lucky, someone comes into your life who'll take up a place in your heart that no one else can fill, someone who's tighter than a twin, more with you than your own shadow, who gets deeper under your skin than your own blood and bones"....Snoop on his family.

Happy 32nd birthday to my cousin Adeline (not sure why she close her eyes) and 19th (3 months advance) for Evie

3 Responses so far.

  1. Ah Jun says:

    masyuk gile ahh paklah..tgh drift tuh bole layan tido lagik..mmg the sleeping legend aa pak lah

  2. Laily says:

    weyh, ke mana ko menghilang? aku baru je nak ngutuk man u ngan ko smlm. dah tgk bbc hardtalk with datuk m? sila laaa :D

  3. The Fonz says:

    ah jun - bile lagi weh mo beronggeng?ko tu dah tak lame nak balik kuantan dah neh

    Laily - aku sentiase online babe,internet ko tu yg selalu putus suke suki je