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Posted by TheFonz - - 2 comments

Al-fatihah to my primary school ustaz, ustaz Jalil who passed away on Saturday due to kidney failure.Banyak jase beliau mase teman sekolah rendah dulu, the one who menyempurkan sane sini ilmu fadhu teman.

Last Wednesday, aku mendapat seruan to finally donate my blood. Before ni mmg ade niat, but past bad experience (had to actually carry kawan teman yg berat nak mampos setelah die tumbang right after donated his blood)during high school membuat kan aku hesitate bile nak donate. You know, millions out there can benefits from this donation, so teman pn dengan beraninye (still hasitating actually mase isi borang declaration) donate lah jugak akhirnye. Taken advised from kawan teman yang pengsan dulu tu, I had a quite heavy breakfast that morning to avoid any unnecessary pitam here and there.

The whole process took around 45 minutes actually. Started with some weight and blood pressure test.I actually gain some weight after all the crash course diet I had this few week, Ampeh!!!Blood preassure normal. Then come the blood type test. I dont remember my blood type at all, seriously!!A type to be exact, and they say this is the darah mahal type, cos I can only share with my fellow type A only. After all the confirmation, I sat on a very relaxing orang malas chair,then the nurse datang and start poking needles on my veins. First to macam mo buat lubang cket adn then the second to put in the needle yang akan salurkan the blood ke dalam beg-beg khas. So, my blood started to flow along the tube and into the beg, I was ask to squeeze harder and tighter so that the bloood will flow faster. Manelah aku tau yang by squeezing itu dapat fasterkan blood flow.hehehehhee...I guess it was a good experiance, looking forward for my next donation.

Some update on my favourite tv show:

1. Greys anatomy - Finally ep 12 came out lat Friday after more than 3 months tak dengo cite. Lexi is staying with George (didnt see that coming), McDreamy is dating that nurse, Mcsteamy masih dalam berpuase mode (not in humping mood these days), Callie has a bff (Dr Hahn). Im still waiting for the whackiest affair this time, who would it be. McSteamy & Torres? Joe the bartender with Grey?or maybe Chief & the Nazi?

2. One Tree Hill - B Davis semakin hot and matang walaupun she is officially a mother now by adopting a kid actually. I find that her husky voice really sexy, it makes my nose bleed!!!That cute little Jamie, every episode semakin menonjol actingnye.

3. Smallville - Now Kara is trap in some planet yang tak dapat dikesan oleh setelite, CK is all alone again trying to save the world from Lex. Lionel is dead, memang dah confirm mati and takkan ade balik.Im waiting for Louis to finally take over Lana's place, the one that CK will end up with.

4. Scrubs - Walaupun cite ni mengarot, never fail to make we laugh macam kene sawan

Looking forward for Labor day holiday.......

2 Responses so far.

  1. Laily says:

    whoa, congrats laa machaaaa. aku sendiri blom penah derma lg pasai aku anemic. cis ciss jelesss.

    b. davis is awesome kan? and jamie, oh jamie. sungguh cute :D

    i vote for steamy and torres. they look good for each other :D

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