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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

Ever wonder why men have nipples bile kite sebagai kaum adam tidak menggunekan langsung enhance features yg dikurniakan ini?.Read here. Ive been complaining about ketakcukupan time lately.Monday to Friday just goes by,then when it comes to weekend, time pass like how fast that Ferrari bugger (Kimi-I-Hate-Him) drove when he won the race in Sepang last week.

Mclaren for life

Grandstand ticket this year.Thanks to Zul

It has been awhile since my last tagging.So,here is a quick one:

1. For those of you yang ingat selame neh aku tak pernah maintain rambut panjang,I did kept my hair long before decided to go bold. The longest ever was up till my shoulder when I was in my matriculation year, way back in 2002. The intention was, if it was long enough up till my senior year in Uni, I try to capture the atttention mase graduation day dgn style rambut ala2 cornrow Snoop Dog. Too bad rerambut aku semue mogok and merusuh at the end. So plan tu aku kene cancel.

2. I like to bake. So far cheese,moist cake and chocolate chip cookies tu kacang putihje. Its like a must kalu balik kg, I'll bake something for the family & friends (kat kg je ade microwave oven). Wonder how I can do it kacang putih style? Here is the secret : Get yourself to the nearest supermarket and buy the ready mix-senang cite-terus bake flour!!! Thats what I do all the time.

3. My daily meal is simple. Mesti kene ade sayorrrr, tak kire sayor ape. I can do without rice and meat the whole day. Kalu takde sayorrr, rase lain macamje.

4. Takes me some time to actually appreciate & menghayati music and movies. Take Harry Potter first movie (what was the title again??lupe plak), It took me till kuarnye the sequence (2 years later) baru aku start layan the 1st one. Begitu juge lagu2 yg hangat the pasaran, few months down the road and it will be a hit for me.

5. One of the weirdest thing I enjoy the most all this years is when telinge aku dikorek. Sedap gile babe, the feeling is sooo unexplainable. Too bad the only person I trust for this job is my mom. So I will only get the opportunity when I get back to kampung..huuhuhhu...

6. Im addicted to durian and petai, no joke about that. For the record, I did ate 2 whole durian by myself before, ended up that nite sweating like mad plus the sore throat & fever to sum up the nite. But that never stop me from enjoying it over and over again. My petai, I prefer it to be cook,I cant take raw. Have you guys try petai masak tempoyak?

7. I hate reading.Still trying to pupuk the semangat at this consider very late stage

8. I actually wanted to be a cook all this time. Found some sense of satisfaction when I get to cook and people actually enjoy my cooking. Too bad people see the profession as a cook not that glamorous. I myself could find the right path of becoming a cook.

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  1. Laily says:

    mannn, you don't say. cooking?? cayalahhh!! you have my utmost respect :D