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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

3 days, 2 freaking rock event!!!!Yes yes..I was there..aha..9th December 2007,Stadium Negara..but before I go into the details of the concerts,lets see how hard DiGi is trying to be the best place to work in Malaysia. This was what happen last friday between 3pm - 12 midnight.

DiGI Wet & Wild Party..Yiiihaaaa...

Teaser banner

The parking area was transformed into this. 3 swimming pools, a go kart
circuit, paint ball arena and many more. Not to forget the main stage in the middle

One of the best event, synchronize dancing in the pool!!!

Go kart. Berape kali teman terbabas sebab kelicinan

Sumo wrestling

Makan-makan 7 inch hotdog. Each person to finish 5 hotdogs. Look who was
the judge...hmmmm..hot hot

Yesss people...it was Hannah Tan. I should have took part in this event,dammit!!!

I was shooting blank in the paintball arena.Look, it was a head shoot..from a lady!!!!!!
siot btol la,memalukan seyyyy

The mother of all event for this years DiGilympions. Mencari selipar dlm
lautan buih yg tebal nak mampos.Ramai yang menangis dlm acare neh
sbb sabun masok mate..kahkahkah

Team 27

We had awesome unlimited food that nite. Tony Romas famous ribs +
Nasi Lemak Antarabangse + Sate Hj Samuri + JCO Donuts + Haagen Dazs = teman gemok.
That nite itself, due to my obsession with ice cream, I took 7 cups all together. Now I can go
a month without the ice thing.


Pink head + green janggut = cendehati from wet & wild

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One Response so far.

  1. Laily says:

    fuh, grazed bullet wound ye? caya laa, props to sape yang tembak ko tuh :D