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Posted by TheFonz - - 0 comments

Yes everyone....you might heard it on the newspaper, TV , radio, etc.Its official now that DiGi, being the smallest and the most "anak tiri" telco in Malaysia finally gets its long awaited 3G license from Time Dot Com (TDC). Read more here . Doesn't matter what our "air liur meleleh bersembur" Uncle Lim claimed that his kementerian doesn't know about DiGi buying over TDC 3G Spectrum,papers have been signed as black and white proof. So,expect DiGi 3G offer somewhere end of quarter 2 next year.

3G coming and that means what? more work and headache people!!!!. Its a simple equation.

New Service = New platform + (existing workload)x2

When new service comes in, it will definitely involve new platform as well. So, on top of taking care the current existing platform, now we have a new platform loaded to us..hooooraaaaiiiii!!!!

Anyway, had this opportunity to shot my very first "bertunang event" last weekends in Kuala Selangor. Since its for my housemate faizul, no extra charge for him. I need some learning experience so why not just shot and have fun without having to worry the quality of my shots if I were to charge him on that. Most of the shots are indoor so it sux a big time without and external flash.

Rombongan cek kiah khas dari Felda Pasoh 3, Batu Kikir , Nogori

Some of the hantarans from Erin's side

Before the berbincang part

Erin aka Mas Idayu, senggol senggola cubit cubitan

Budak pakai baju pepel tu bajet macho, padehal ampeh..hahhha

The sirih junjung from Erin. Hmmm, teman terfikir, since hardly
people this days makan sirih, why not change it daun kesom ke,
daun pegage ke, daun limau purut ke..lagi berbaloi..

I like the hantaran. Simple and yet the stuff inside, especially the chocolates,
mmg sedap gileee..eh,teman part of the rombongan lelaki, so mustilah dpt rase

Org kampung Faizul yg jadi wakil mengejas

Semoge berkekalan ek kamu. I'll cover you wedding reception next year
kalu teman berkesempatan

PS: Mine long way more to go