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Posted by TheFonz - - 3 comments

It has been a while since my last entry...

I'm back...fresh as ever now...after my 3 days 2 nites trip to Phuket with the whole Service Planning Department of DiGi...wa wa we wa...

Airport macam Giant Shah Alam..hampeh

DiGi had this policy, no more than 10 people from the same department can travel in the same flight. So, the 10 unlucky people (including me!!) had to take Air Asia where a bowl of maggi xpress costs 8 bucks!!!apple juice for 5 bucks!!!sandwiches for 6 bucks!!!.Disebabkan teman lapar,terpakse lah mengap sanwich 8 henggit jugak.It was my first time on board with Air Asia. Teman juge terpinga2 as the boarding pass was as simple as a resit from beli guli kat kedai runcit and they don't have any number on their seats, cam naik bus loncat dari Tapah ke Kamelen plak..first come first serve.

Sawadekappp..welcome to thailand

You come to Thailand but you don't see any pondan around, that means you haven't see Thailand at its best. This country is well known for the best and cheapest cosmetic surgery, be it extending, shrinking,changing anything that you wish for. For first timer, it might be hard to differentiate between real girls and pondans.Guys, this is just pondans after all,don't get too excited yet as I haven't go into the "interesting" part of Thailand yet....

First day was just "survey menyervey" as we reach late (around 5pm). We walked around Patong beach area, that was the worst tsunami hit area as our hotel (Patong resort) just 1 minute walk to the beach. Imaginelah kan if that day ade tsunami, selamat tinggal la kawan...huhuhuhu...

This is Patong beach. Notice that chair, if you plan to use it, prepare to pay 50 bath (RM5). According to the locals, during peak season (September - January), you can get the best view ever on the beach, topless mat salleh bertaburan seperti menabur gula ke pasir..huuuuuuu

The streets along Patong beach. This guy he's selling Jagung for 30 Baht (RM3). Jagungnye sungguh gemuk sekali.

The 2nd day was a whole day event as we need to travel far to another island, 45 minutes to the jetty and another hour on the boat to actually reach that place. Remember this movie, The Beach, starring Leo Di Caprio??The whole movie was shot in Phi Phi Island (Ghost Ghost Island according to our translation).

Menikmati angin kus kus yang sungguh nyaman bak ubat gigi Darlie

Some of the many cave on Phi Phi island. Notice the long bamboo sticks, it is for the locals to climb up and collect expensive birds nests

Teman yang tak sabo lagi mau pi snorkling

It was hot that day

Here is the "interesting part". During the nite, Patong area macam dah terbalik, patutlah kene tsunami dulu. If you guys out there think that clubbing kat KL tu besh sgt and the pondans at Lorong Hj Taib cun melecun,tuuu semue simpanje arrr.Nothing beats Phuket for it's nite life..(Teman masih dlam keadaan terkawal time tuu,noty2 siket je..heheh)

This is Bangla Road @ Red Lite Street. Ntah camne boleh melekat name Bangla pulak. Here is one centre of excellence where what ever you wish, you can get.Imitation stuff (shorts, shirts,handbags), massage ( both normal and extra normal), bar with poll dancer (all the bar have poll here!!), strip club..everything!!!

One of the club having an Elvis tribute event

This is an all pondan club

One of the many strip clubs available...pewhhhhhh

What I enjoy the most in Phuket wassssss.....

The Food!!!!!!Tom Yam Gong,ikan masak 3 rase, manggo kerabu, ayam kunyit, kailan ikan masin, and the sambal belacan. Sounds like malaysian food rite but the taste is different!!!Super sedap and pedas...

This is the white tompam. It taste like normal tomyam with santan abit..ala ala cam masak lemak..pelik kan...

And lastly, nothing else matter when you get a foot massage as cheap asRM 25 for an hour. They also give you extra massage to your hand and head.

P/s: Those interested to see the uncensored@unedited@parental control scene in Phuket, holla me you all...

3 Responses so far.

  1. Ah Jun says:

    woit...ko pegi spital laa cek gonorrhea ngn syphilis..penyakit sekarang mcm2 bole jadik...hahah!!

  2. Laily says:

    shucksss, controversy syiottt trip ko nih. damn.

    and what are the 'extranormal' massages? what range of anatomic region does that cover? hahha.

    the food? halal ke? siap ada ayam lagi. ke ko maen katokkk je pakcik? hehhe.

    byk lg soklan nih but phi-phi, here i come!

  3. The Fonz says:

    ah jun...no touching2 for your information so STD is not applicable..


    "extranormal massage" means you can have massage tailored just as you wish,in your wildest dream...it covers the whole anatomy of a human..

    weh,food die halal dowh,restaurant die neh Malay are yg operate, makcik tuu siap pakai tudung,macam melayu plak tu, only that she cant speak malay lah...

    hohoh..kalu ko nak pi,aku boleh jadi tour guide,dah terrer dah neh are phuket..