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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

Resent research from Northwestern University suggest a new twist on the ancient wisdom yang mengatakan you shouldn't go to bed angry (walaupun telah tertipu dgn pakatan budak bucuk neh ngan Dr G mengatakan big boss mau menginterview teman) - it should be "Dont go to bed sad" ( kuchiwa kerena telah ditipu, takde interview lgsg!!!); your stress hormones will spike in the morning (mmg spike gile pagi tu, sampe sakit prut nak beyak!!!). Dalam study itu, more than 150 people recorded their feelings at bedtime for 3 consecutive days, and researchers measured the participants level of the stress hormone cortisol the following morning. Those who went to bed feeling overwhelmed or downcast had higher amounts of cortisol than those who didn't. Elevated levels of the hormone raise a person's risk of heart attack disease and depression. "If you're feeling sad and disconnected from your partner,resolve it before bed," says Emma Adam, Ph.D, the study's author.

Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!!rase nak gigit budak bucuk neh kenekan org!!!

P/s: Sooooo addicted to bucuk now..

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  1. Laily says:

    PDA abess!
    wahhahha :D

    did she get u back on gotcha ke mende? blurr jap aku. huhu.