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Posted by TheFonz - - 2 comments

For those who miss the first gotcha call from Hitz.FM today (19/7) at 6.30am, too bad cause I was the mastermind behind everything, created a very comprehensive game plan to kenekan "orang" neh. It was like tetibeje came out with the idea, tapi sebenonye I had the niat for a long time and I did my homework to gather as much information as possible before setting up the framework.

This was the game plan. I made JJ pretend to be someone from the HTAA Pengarah's office ( he even mentioned the pengarah's name), called this "orang" telling her that she had been watched since day one of her practicals for ponteng and balik tido as early as 10 am everyday. To add extra spices in the story, I ask him to mentioned that the last time she was caught ponteng was on Monday (16/7) at 10 am. Some guy ( thats me) pick her up with a blue kancil. Im telling you guys, by that time she was gelabah gile cos everything JJ said was true, no any loophole.JJ even asked her who was that guy in the car. She was reluctant to say my name, but when JJ mentioned my name, she was already in the gelabah world.

To make things even more interesting, I did suggested punishment for all the pontengs she had done. I suggested that she needs to re do the practicals for another month. Tak sangke pulak JJ made it even more gempak by saying that she needs to do some office work like filing, data entry (Helloooo,mane ade DR wat data entry), office girl jobs."Orang " neh pn dgn gelabah kodok time tu terime je ape yg JJ cakap sbb bile dah guilty and kantoi,mmg susah nak wat cerite pusing sane sini.Orang yg bersalahkan selalu takleh nak cakap pape, so JJ could not drag it longer since by that time she was already speechless."Orang" ni pn ngaku,she could easily get a heart attack at that time.

It was a short one but I tell you, I wish that I was at her side when this gotcha call was made. Bolehla tgk camne expression muke org neh mase tuuu,mesti pucat gile arrr....gelabah die toksah la ckp,sampe terjatuh2 handphone..hahhahhhaa..muahahahahah...hauahauahauaahaua..kauakauakua...

P;S: Kepade "orang" itu, jangan marah ek..nanti kene jual..kuakuakua...ey, tak baik tau marah2, ade ke "I will forgive but I will never forget"..ni dah kes dendam dah nehh..hishhhhh...Nanti kalu dah dpt record, I upload for you ekkk...

2 Responses so far.

  1. Ah Jun says:

    hahaha..masyuk!!rugi btol aku tak dgr..ko ade record ke tak?aiseh!!

  2. Laily says:

    ko memang laa bf yang badi. my fren heard it on her way to work and she pun sebok2 nak tiru ko gak. when she heard that the vic was act my hosmet, lagi la dia bantai gelak. kalu masy vote nat buang ko dalam lombong, i think i'd second it kot. hehhe