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Posted by TheFonz - - 2 comments

It's official people!!Hackers close to unlocking the iPhone ,the mother of all handphone for now.According to this article on Techworld http://www.techworld.com/mobility/news/index.cfm?newsid=9367, hackers might just need a week before they can crack the iPhone. Unlocking the iPhone means users will be able to use the handset with other service providers, not just AT&T, which has an exclusive deal to sell the phone in the U.S. So far, hackers have been successfully crack the activation process.With the activation process cracked hackers turned their focus to unlocking the iPhone, a challenge that is expected to be easier than cracking the activation process.

If everything goes well,provided that Apple doesnt come out with any new patches for the software, iPhone will be in Malaysia by year end. Prepare to spend around 2k-3k for this hotness. I'll do what it takes to get this,thats for sure.Bersabar semue, only time can tell..

Cakap pasai bersabar ni, teman rase setiap org ade tahap kesabaran masing2. Bile kite bersabar,selalunye we will be push to the limit dgn dugaan2 yg berjele jele, which teman rase something yang kite takkan capai selagi kite tak bersabar. Kalu give up awal, takde la byk dugaan kan. Bile dah di push, we tend to work extra hard untuk maintain cool and bersabar. Macam korg tau, bersabar itu separuh iman, so org yg sabar ni, selepas di push to the limit, and yet still surviving, kenikmatan and kepuasan di akhirnya sungguh la byk skali. Bersabar and masa itu adelah 2 elemen yg kalu kite tau camne nak handle, akan memberikan satu kepuasan yg menakjubkan.

Ps: Teman puas setelah "bersabar n berpuase" selame 10 bulan. Nikmatnye.....waduh waduh....unexplainable...