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Posted by TheFonz - - 3 comments

I'm officially retiring (for now) from being a serious photographer. Due to the lack of feasible studies done before jumping into the DSLR world, I actually wasted some cash buying the Nikon D40 (blame the PC fair for poisoning me into buying) without knowing that it doesn't support auto focusing function on the 50mm f1.8 lens and f1.4 lens at the first place. For those blur blur people, this type of lenses lets you take indoor portrait pictures at low light level. Why buy something sooo pricey when you cant use the autofocus features.Crapppppp!!!!Did manage to let it go out a very rugi price, it would have been worse if I waited longer.

Now I'm back into primitive-not fast enough-blurrr picture compact camera. The weapon I'm using now is Canon Ixus 75. Not as good as the Nikon D40 but due to the compact size, I guess it is more practical to use now as it is easy to carry around. Armed with this new gun, I went on snapping pictures to test as I was in Kuantan last weekends.

Kuantan, still under the Perbandaran category, have what it takes to be consider as Bandaraya. For example, they have a proper bus station, the Terminal Makmur, compare to "Bandaraya Shah Alam" where most of the ticket counter at Section 17 are abandon-hodoh gile-kontena. Cat je warne company bus express and waalllahhh, you have a ticket counter now.

Tapiiii,setelah few days teman observe, ade 1 or 2 things yang membuatkan Kuantan still under Perbandaran. Kuantan tak layak menjadi bandaraya cos:

1. They use this "gores dan menang" kind of ticket for their parking. 1 ticket for 1 hour so imagine how many tickets you need for 10 hours. If you are lucky enough, you might hear people shouting "saya menang moto!!"..hehehheehe....Commonlah, we are in 2007 now, its paperless world!!

2. Some people's language just......"sile jumpe lagi"???what!!!!!!sounds really weird. Bertambah weird cos this is a Malay restaurant, patutlah ramai anak-anak melayu (termasok teman) yang dpt 3B for BM mase SPM.Ni baru satu contoh penggunaan bahase yg lemah.

3. Because of this 2 semi retarded people, Kuantan is never safe come July and August every year. They are everywhere, from Teluk Cempedak to HTAA, depa berdue ni suke mengacau ketenteraman penduduk awam...so beware!!!

P:s: Next town to rowk....Shah Alam...muahahahahaha

3 Responses so far.

  1. Ah Jun says:

    more photos!!
    more photos!!


  2. Laily says:

    eh ehhhh, hosmet ku makin menembun!!

    hahhaha. anyway, i have to argue regarding the parking ticket issues. i think it's more feasible and practical than putting coins in slots mcm kat selayang nih. ada ke park, then kuar jalan kaki pi amik tab, pastu mai balik nak letak tab. apakah?? we pay for our parking lots, but does MPS bayar balik our burnt calories? tak kan? kan? kan?

    and sila jumpa lagi?? BM aku pun takde huduh cam tu weyh so kira buleh bangge aa nih. hehhe

  3. The Fonz says:

    Ah jun..
    Sabar ek gandi,yang ni baru "teaser" je,blum lagi start movie..

    mane ade menembam,makin kurus ade arrr..huhuhuh..
    ceyt,aku disagree ngan ko.kite mesti eco friendly,kureng pakai kertas.Pastu plak cube ko pikir,1 kertas for one hour cost 40 sen,aku rase dinye cost printing pn dh 10sen,so cam tak berbaloi lgsg...