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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

Observing my housemate 2 cute hamster for 2 days in a row makes me wonder what is actually going on with them. They were very active,jumping here and there, but with very small appetite, that doesn't make any sense to me. Punyelah active depa sampe tunggang langgang playground diorng. Setelah teman tubohkan geng Edisi Siasat and Mat Skondeng untuk investigate, rupa rupanya:

Yeahhhh,grovvvvyyyy baby

Anyway, It has been a while since I use the public transport. Having a car means convenient and saving time, so why go through all those hassle using public transport rite?I've been reading on many articles regarding the improvement of public transportation especially in KL. Intrakota have been replaced by RapidKL which translate into less stalled buses on the road, centralize bus hub in KL Central and many more.It makes me wonder did they improve the ever-slow-mo Komuter?Did some test, and here's the results:

Test 1 : Asia Jaya Putra LRT station to KL Sentral

Parking was the issue here. I guess if government really wants to encourage people to use public transport, they should provide ample parking space plus a minimum fee as low as possible.3 bucks for a whole day parking which I think is not worth it since its an open space parking.LRT wise, I find it very efficient, the train came on time and not many people were inside.
IMPROVEMENT NEEDED : More and cheaper parking space please

Test 2 : KL Sentral monorail station to BB Plaza

Its kinda funny why did the government didn't connect the Brickfields monorail station to the KL Sentral.What when wrong actually? KL Sentral supposed to be the hub and integration point of all kinds of public transportation.

Tak boleh ke sambung trusje ke KL Sentral

Korg tau la kan, dah le we Malaysian ni mmg ketegaq nak naik public transport, ni kan pulak kene jalan around 500m,mmg lah susahnye.In other words, not efficient enough!!The headache comes when queuing up to get the tickets. Like always, why queue when you can potong the line to get in front. Time tu jugak la ramai Indons dalam queue yang aku rase body odour diorg boleh mencairkan Everest.Bau achem!!!!

Like kindergarten kids, they just don't understand what is Q

IMPROVEMENT NEEDED: Relocate the ticket counter so that people can queue properly, takde lah berato sampe ke jalan raye, kene langgo nanti sape susah. I think the government should encourage more on using Touch N Go. Tak payah la nak berato panjang2 camni lagi

Test 3 : Bukit Bintang to KLCC via kaki ku sendiri

Believe it or not, if you wanna get to KLCC from Bukit Bintang which is around 2KM, the only public transport available is taxi. Korg tau la kan taxi this days mencekik bukan saje darah tetapi juga kepale lutut kite. If you wanna use the train you need to get back to KL Sentral via monorel and change to Putra LRT or if you wanna use the bus, you need to get to Central Market, change another bus over there. What can I say, Malaysia Boleh!!!Mende yang simple pn kene di complicated kan.

Malaysia's very own Tony Hawk

Walaupun menapak, I have to puji the DBKL because there were sufficient signboards to guide you to KLCC. Nasib baik teman tau jalan short cut via Jln Raja Chulan, kalu tak, mau dah pengsan tgh jalan. The landscape all the way to KLCC was good accept for, due to the litterbug, sampah sane sini mmglah tak boleh dielakkan

Be ready to pay 2 buck for this brand new automatic -bukak-pintu toilet in Bukit Bintang

Jalan Bukit Bintang near Menare Standard Chartered

This bugger trying to be funny, miss the junction and reverse back the Malaysia Style "I paid road tax oledi, I can do what I want" without thinking of the traffic coming from behind. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

IMPROVEMENT NEEDED : Well, I think it is more practical if the bus were to pass KLCC first before going to KL Sentral. To integrate the train station I think is possible but it might cost a bomb due to the lack of land in between them, the only way is connecting via underground

KLCC yang sesak macam Puduraya

Test 4 : KLCC Putra LRT back to Asia Jaya Station

Smooth ride I would say except for the over crowded train. It became even worst when stopping at the Masjid Jamek interchange. Dah le org ramai, body odour tuu tok sah la cite!!Teman nak suggest kat Jabatan Alam Sekitar to monitor tahap API dlm train tuu, teman rase mau sampe 300 cam time jerebu dulu.
IMPROVEMENT NEEDED: The train should be added with more coaches, 2 je mane cukop weyyy

CONCLUSION : I think the public transportation have improve a lot since 2 years back. But still many things the government need to consider especially the integration point for all the transportation available. For us the public is simple, you provide us with the highest ever efficient possible public transport, we'll use them tanpa byk soal!!!Betol tak???

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  1. Laily says:

    ko nihhh. hamsters nak humping pun ko nak skodeng ke? tak snonoh sungguh :D