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Posted by TheFonz - - 0 comments

How did that happened??The club skipper who signed a new deal a year ago simply leave the club.Its like a jinx!!Last season Viera left and this time it's Henry's turn. I must say, being a loyal Arsenal fan for many years, to see this talisman left the club,its like going to war without a gun.
You can fight but at the end you'll lose.Kuchiwa teman dibuatnye!!!

Well,it'll be a very interesting news to follow this summer especially on who will Wenger buy or maybe within the team itself to emerge as the new Henry. When Viera left, we had Febregas. Rumors circulating around the likes of Teves, Torres, Anelka , van Persie to take over but honestly, none of them can be compare with Henry,simply the best in his class.Anyway, layers come and go. That is what football is all about. Players keeps on changing but the spirit of the club remain the same.

3 days to go and I'm actually having weirdo dreams that doest make sense. Who the hell would go for waxing kat bulu kaki yg mmg dah kuat giler akar die.nak mampos!!Nilah bak kate org,dah terkene aura yg mengancam.hehehehe..

This song I heard from one tree hill, the 2nd season.Kinda catchy, Collide by Howie Day..Cheers!!