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Posted by TheFonz - - 2 comments

Hang jgn main2,chek dh up gaji, pasni jgn hang berangan kuar minum pagi 10.30. Jgn kepala hang tu kereh kedikiak takmo dengak ckp.

Govt servants get big raise (The Star)

PUTRAJAYA: Government servants will get a pay raise of between 7.5% and 35%, effective 1 July, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced Monday.

The cost of living allowance will also be increased by 100%, he said.

Members of the police and the armed forces will receive 20% over and above the announced increase in pay.

Wah!!sungguh generous skali government this year, taking advantage of our rapid growing economy, to give a I would say, Much-Needed-But-Not-Everyone-Deserved pay rise. Don't get me wrong, I'am not an anti gomen person. When we talk about government people, we as the public already know what to expect from them. Inefficient work, long red tape, tea break at 10.30am with possible extension till lunch hour and the list just goes on.

I'm not generalizing all the government people being what I've mention above.There are indeed some that is very professional in doing their job.These people are the ones who deserve the pay rise. In my opinion, those generasi seangkatan teman yg jadi org gomen needs to revolutionize and change the mentality of government people. Kebanyakan geng2 veteran yg dalam government have this "tak kisah" mindset. "Buat apa teman koje gile2, gomen kaya, koje gomen secure, mane ade gomen kat dunia ni yg bankrup". Can't imagine what does it like working with this people if the government decides to extend umor pencen to 60.

Bagaimanakah kite hendak mencapai status negare maju with this kind of mentality? If this stays, in the future Malaysia mungkin maju in terms of infrastructure but in terms of human capitol, its going the other way.Hopefully, with this new pay rise, it'll attract more younger generation to work with government and hopefully they can bring positive changers. Takkanlah dari dulu sampe kesudah, takde pape pn improvement dlm government.Letih la teman camtuuu..

Pakcik kayoooo!!!Tak payoh makan rojak lagi

2 Responses so far.

  1. Ah Jun says:

    sume mende naik skarang...hujan jek yg turun

  2. The Fonz says:

    btol2,aku sokong..perut kite pn maikn naik jugak..hahahah