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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

As recommended by researchers, sleeping (Oxford dictionary = natural state of rest in which your eyes are closed, your body is inactive, and your mind does not think) period should be between 7-9 hours daily. Researchers also found that people will less sleeping time tends to gain weight..Hmmm,no wonder my tummy is getting bigger and bigger each day.Not to forget that I finally understand why some people complain 24 hours in a day is just not enough...

3 weeks since my last post, and this is what I did during that period :

Having the longest ever holiday since working!!Only 5 days in a row actually. Damnnn I miss the holidays during uni time. As a working person now, you'll appreciate having the Labour Day each year. It gets better this time around cos coincides with Wesak Day. Went back to kampungku yang indah permai. This is what I did although most of the time,I was snoring like hell.

Meditating people!!Studies show that stress can be reduce tremendously if we take the initiative to meditate frequently, for example like yoga or maybe taichi. 5 minutes of pure 100% concentration, thats all it takes.

Hangout with old friends!!Friends are important especially those dari kecik2 lagi mase kanak2 rebina udah jadi geng. Since all of us are base everywhere around the country, lotsa catching up to do. Not to forget to visit the places where you spend 6 years learning ABC and learn to wear double layer of pants to protect your butt bile kene rotan,ouichhhh.Lotsa unforgettable memories going back during primary days..

Having fun acting like a tourist in your own hometown!!Damn this place is getting crowded all the time when there's a holiday. Ntah la,ape la yg ade sgt kat tempat ni. So, we decided to join the crowd and touring around the town like a tourist.Sengal kan??

For the past few weeks, akhirnye teman dpt gak kembali buat hobby lame which is taking photograph. I've been into photography for quiet some time but due to the money constraint, I could not get the right equipment. With the newly-baru kuar kotak- 3 weeks old-Nikon DSLR D40...cewahhhh....the satisfaction you get, is just like makan durian kat dusun, jatuh je buah terus potong...perghhhh....Here are some shots:

A freelance photographer maybe during the free time??Yes, I'll consider once I can make the best out of my Nikon D40. Its not the money actually, its the satisfaction when you manage to capture something artistically. Its very subjective actually,depends how you rate a picture, you might say its good but i might rate it as so so only.The rule of thumb to be a good photographer is, ignore what people says about your shots. Weather its good or bad, at the end of the day, how satisfied you are with your shots is the important thing.

Something for you sweetheart..heheheh

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  1. Laily says:

    woooo, something for you sweethawtt! aww, i didn't know you thought of me like that. muahhaha, nah, just pullin your leg. i'll make sure she finds out about it. hehhehhe. and yeah, regarding your comment: anytime, beb :D