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Posted by TheFonz - - 0 comments

Almost 3 months now, this is what DiGi have made me:

Positive side:

1. Ka Ching..Ka Ching..somehow you'll always want it more and more.
2. Hangout with the players in the telecommunications industry..from the biggest name like Ericsson and Nokia to those Chinamen and Korean people who tak ckp sepatah haram English macam Huawei and Samsung. It makes you understand what's globalization this days
3. Working + Party + Great time = DiGI...That is one money can't buy experience you can get here.
4. It feels good and I take pride because public out there are using MMS and MobileTV services which I actually involved in planning, managing & maintaining the whole system.
5. Responsibility is one damn important thing. Your job and its your responsibility to get it done as fast as possible without compromising the quality.
6. Never have to worry anymore on my phone bills!!!Who needs to sms when you can call anyone anywhere for free rite.
7. Mase itu emas. Selagi tak kije, selagi tulah kite terpikir apekehe la org dulu compare mase itu emas,nape tak platinum ke,titanium ke. Time is very precious!!!

Negative side:

1. I miss my more than 7 hours a day of sleeping time
2. I skip meals just to finish my work
3. I cant go shopping on weekdays
4. My 2 days of weekends is like so damn precious this days.
5. I miss my student life where I can hangout everyday till the wee hours
2. I dream of having more than 24 hours a day