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Posted by TheFonz - - 2 comments


After loosing my shoes during the Friday prayers, it makes me think twice not to be soooo careless next time. I felt very pist off, both at me cos I was so sengal at that time (manelah ade org pi masjid pakai kasut nike,mmg le kene curik) and at that lahabau who curik my shoes!!Kalu nak duit pn, pi lah carik kije,curik kasut kat masjid watpe!!Well, mende dah jadi, tak leh nak wat papekan, so I guess in the future I need to be extra carefull.

I was tagged few days ago, so here it goes:

1) Describe the perfect woman in you own words.

I must say, a woman who can make me weak in the knees. Bile jumpe je, my whole damn body terase macam adrenaline rush. She must be the one that understands me very well, therefore she must know how I like to run my life. The most important thing is, she must be very independant, doesn't need me to be there all the time. In other words, don't be tooo possessive. Somebody who have the highest level of trust between us. Kalu ragu-ragu, please use the nearest exit door.

My perfect gurl??nehhhhhhhhh.....

2) Most treasured moments

- Somewhere in 1990, when I was still that little kanak-kanak Ribena. At that time, playing and have fun was the world to me. I was in Kindergarten 1 Blue. I will always remember the time during our concert. We had this yearly concert just for the parents. During my time, my teacher decided to throw the twist for us. We danced with Chubby Checkers "Twist Again" hit song. Paling menyegankan,we had to wear this extra skimpy t shirt yang mendedahkan pusat teman yg bulat macam apple.It was so memalukan but like I said, zaman kanak-kanak Ribena, we dont care about maluness..hahah...

I would like to gather all of you guys one day and we can take a photo exactly like this at the same exact place.

Told ya.Pusat teman bulat macam apple. I still keep the video of this concert, so if you berkenan nak tgk pusat apple teman live, call me. We can arrange for sneak preview.

- Form 5, 2001. Why it keeps on reminding me? During that time, together with my gang, we rule the school!!!In the good way actually, bukannye jadi samseng. The gang would hold many posts in clubs and society. Its like the same people will hold the same position in all the clubs. Kroniism la senang cite..hahaha.. One funny thing happen that time, I remember when result SPM kene tahan cos we actually seludop duit yuran English Society. We were so pissed off with the juniors for not spending any money for us as we were about to leave the school, so we decided to use the money to buy stuff for all the form 5 members. At the end, we returned all the stuff we bought in the exchange for the SPM slip.Guess who was the treasurer that time??Me......

SMKSAS 5A SPM 2001.Half of us was eyeing to be doctors after school including me, I wonder berape la yg actually meet their ambition.Let see, we have 3 doctors, 6 engineers, 3 cikgus and the rest, tak tau lah ape yg diorg buat skg

- 12 August 2005....It just happen...a miracle...

2) Childhood Hero

Optimus Prime from Transformers!! Seeing him being the leader of the good gang makes me so terpaku kat TV, and then I would beg and cry at my mom to get the action figure toy plus the videos.

3) Childhood dreams

At that time, I would always dream of being a soldier, to serve for the country!!Cewah, patriotik nak mampos. Alasannye was at that time I heard this story that if I'm a soldier, mati dalam peperangan, consider myself as mati syahid.Wowwwwww...

This is not my childhood hero ofcos!! They are my supplier for Strawberry. Sape nak order, call me, harge boleh runding kalu beli byk.

4) Ideal friend or partner

Many!!!I mean only the friend part..hehehe..Would like to add more..but for sure only one partner

5) Ideal Evening

Chilling beside the sea side, looking at the sun as it sets, forgetting whats happening with my life...haaaaaaaaa....

Owh, I really need a break now....

6) Nobody knows that I am...

Actually smiling outside but inside.....

7) Biggest regret

I started late but then, thank God it still happen.If only I started early..

8) My advice to mom

You're the best mom in the future!!Keep on rolling...

9) My advice to dad


10) My advice to friends

Lets hangout more often

11) My biggest fear

I guess when outside things start to mess with my comfort zone

12)My biggest lie

Body aku ala2 maskulin, bile berpeluh,menyinar2 otot aku...wahhhhhhh

13)What I dont like about people.

Those yang hipokret!! Depan cakap lain belakang cakap lain,sule kang baru tau!!Plus I hate people who take credits for other people's work. Tak malu ke ha org cengini..


I believe that you can feel something is going wrong when your partner does something which yang die sepatutnye tak buat tapi kalu buat pn actually no harm, like for example flirt ngan org lain ke..juz for the sake of having fun without any serious intention...I'm not saying this to anyone,it's juz my superstitions after all.

15)People like me because..

Im Edzereiq!!I dont give a damn if you are a guy or gurl, black or white, or maybe you are paranoid with UFO, once you are my friend, it stays forever. They might even like me cos some of them like to gosok-gosok with my head.They say macam beros la plak..hehehe

Kepade org yang tag aku sesmall size KLCC ni, sile lain kali buat yang pendek2 cket,lenguh aku nak complete kan..hahahaha...

2 Responses so far.

  1. Laily says:

    ko cakap aku kecik labu???

    hahhaha, nak wat camne... manusia yang tag aku tu dah bagi soklan byk tu aku pun jawab la byk tu jugak. muahhahha

    why is everybody saying that their childhood hero is optimus prime?? whyyyyy?

  2. The Fonz says:


    ntah la,aku rase mase kecik2 dulu tak byk lagi cartoon characters yg ade..setau aku la,era2 kite dulu ade transformers, mars pastu ghost busters...