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Posted by TheFonz - - 0 comments

Hahaha..I just cant stop laughing when I think of what happen this morning. Cubelah korg bayangkan, sekumpulan mat salleh diberi peluang untuk makan durian grad D24. Not only they get to taste the finest gred of durian, they were also given the opportunity to open it themself, hanye dgn sebilah parang and kain.

It started with people chanting "EAT EAT EAT EAT", I didnt know at first what was happening outside. Ropenye,terkejut teman our CEO, Morten Lundal dgn terceretnye cube nak bukak buah durian!!!He did managed to opened eventually walaupun muke die time tu dah merah gilee..Pas die bukak, the chanting was even louder. So, dgn machonye die pn makan la seulas....with 2 glasses of water waiting for him in case die tercekik sbb tak leh terime..

What actually made him to eat durian yg mmg di anti oleh mat salleh??Die ni sebenonye membayar nazar, when he came to DiGi 4 years ago, DiGi was at the worst possible situation ever in terms of financial. Die bernazar if in 4 years time, DiGi can make profit at list 25% each year, die akan makan dorian. Fast forward 4 years, and now, even though DiGi is still third in term of total subscriber BUT in terms of profit making, we are making and average of 30% profit each year since he took over as CEO which is the highest compare to geng merah and geng ungu.Ah, not to forget, we just pitted geng ungu for 2nd place in terms of total prepaid subscriber.

Anyway, kalau CEO dapat makan dorian, other staff what do we get??

1. Free fresh fruit juices for everyone from New Zealand All Natural!!!

2. Free Ice Cream also from New Zealand All Natural. Let see, we had green tea, rum & raisin, green tea, macademia, mango sorbet, orange sorbet, classic vanilla, chocolate, and my personnel
fav, STRAWBERRY YORGOUT....all fat free people!!!

3. Our very own spa, the D'SPA!! The 1st corporate spa ever in our very own office!!Pamper yourself like what the CEO said, choose any 3 combination of full body massage, foot reflexology, manicure, padicure threading..all free!!! If you like body massage so much, you can book for all 3 session.