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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

Got the chance to watch F1 live this year but I guess it was already too late. Kimi is with Ferrari now, I hate Ferrari for the record!!He should have stayed with McLaren, look at how Alonso and anak Pak Maidin Penang, Hamilton perform this year, simply amazing. Well, drivers come and go, a loyal fan does not jump to other team just because a new driver comes it rite.

With the heat around 35 C, I was willing to ponteng class just to stand under the blistering hotness, and ended up macam nigga after the race. Teman telah menjadi botol kicap,tidakkkkk!!!Why go through all this to watch the race while you'll get the full comfyness at home,rite in front of the TV?Only true F1 fans knows the answer...

PC3..That damn sticker cost 50 bucks

Told ya, McLaren for life!!Bendera tuuu tolong pegangje

Not bad for 75 bucks tickets

With 2 English fans.Came all the way to watch the race

McLaren 1-2 all the way

Walaupun at the end teman mengalami surn burn yang melampau (berlagak sgt takmo pakai sun block,padan muke!!!), It was worth every single sen and time wasted here. Thanks to Zul's Nikon D80, i captured lotsa good shots.

Looking forward for next year's GP!!

One Response so far.

  1. Laily says:

    hahhaha, i watched it in my friends' room sambil mkn tosai lagi. hope you're still hearing right after that :D and minah saleh mana je laa yang ko sapu tu?