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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

Hmmm, i never know what this "you have been tag" thing until I actually became a victim, thanks to Laily. Terima kasih la sbb mengintroducekan teman dlm dunia tag mengetag ni. Due to the busy schedule i have,i'll make a quick one. Here it goes, 6 weirdo stuff about me:

1. I consider myself gifted sbb aku ade care nak mengawal mimpi2 aku (applicable only on nite dreams, day dreaming dikecualikan). Whenever i sleep at nite,kadang2 tu terjage kan sebab nak kencing ke,beyak ke, or maybe terkejut ke, the best part is whenever i go back to bed, I'll definitely dream about something,tak kire lah mimpi pape pn. I can bet with you,gerentinye!! The best part is,once I start to dream,mimpi2 ni boleh continue tau. For example,let say i dream of this hot chick, tetibe terjage kan, kalu teman tido balik, my dream will pick up from where i left before teman tersedar tadi.Cool rite? So, kalu teman ade mengigau yg besh2 (mengigau yg BAIK punya!!), I'll keep on sleeping as long as I like. The longer the dream I wish, the longer I'll sleep.

2 I guess we share the same pleasure Laily on clearing the earwax.Seriously people!!Its very pleasuring,even better than orgasm!!Hahaha. You know, not everyone have the skill to korek telinga tau, tribute to my mom whose never say no when I approach her to dig my earwax. The feeling you get when the ear digger (yang besi tau,cotton bud tak main) menghentak dinding2 telinga,whoaaaaaa!!!!sedap gile do!!!A big round of applause for my mom,I would never trust anyone else to start drilling in my eyes.

3.Believe me, we can't survive a day without eating meat rite?Makan pn mesti kene ade meat,takde sayor takpekan. Well, teman ni opposite plak, takde sayor rase nak mamposje. Its like eating burgers without the beef petty, whats the point la kan kalu camtu. It's not because that I'm health conscious (mungkin gak sbb perot teman makin membesau skg..hehe) or wat, maybe cos mase kecik2 dulu, teman hari2 kene sumbat dgn sayor yg ditanam di belakang umah. Because of that kot,sampe ke hari ni cam dah bese dah. So for those who wants me to try on their cooking, make sure there's vege ok.

4. I got one obsession. Teman sangat obses gile dgn MINI COOPER!!!Give me a Lamborgini or maybe Ferrari, teman tak pandang babe. I plan to have one someday, tak tau la bile kan.If only Proton and Perodua doesnt exist, taklah harge kerete imported mahal nak mampos. According to one of my friend, during his study time in US, mini cooper is consider as college car,sebab murah gile. Kire setaraf arr ngan kancil aku skg,mmg same harge pn. Tak dpt pakai pn tak pelah, asal dpt di compare setaraf kancil teman,kire cukuplah tu wat skg!!!

Dia datang, dengan lenggang lenggoknya..Dia datang dengan cute miutnyaa

5. Hmmm, I think, well actually people thinks that I actually eat at a faster pace than normal. Ntah la, bagi teman, rasenye cam beseje. If cepat la kan, dah gerenti mesti tercekik,btol tak??Honestly, I dont like wasting much time on eating, lotsa things can be done if you spend less time eating. Eating fast (not fast to me actually) doesnt mean that I done enjoy my food, infact I do enjoy every single chew of my food.Talking about food, teman dah lame mengidam nak pi Murni SS2, nak pekena Chicken Chop special plus the extraordinary Mango Ice Blended...tak tahan!!!!!

6. The weirdest part about me is, i crave for PETAI and TEMPOYAK most of the time. Everytime, when I get the chance to balik kampung, the first thing i'll do is to rang up my mom to make sure that I'll have sambal PETAI for the next meal.Demanding gile kan!!!If durian season plak, for sure i'll get some especially on the way from Tapah to Tanah Rata. Durians from orang asli people is far damn cun then the rest,seriously people!!Kalu tak percaye, pilah try sendiri.It taste different!!!

We'll since im still new in blogging and my blogging gang is still small but growing, guess I'll skip with the tag mengetag thing.

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