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Posted by TheFonz - - 3 comments

Cewah, memandang kan aku baru je start my 1st ever career ni, tergerak ati plak nak kongsi pendapat especially on the concept of working.

To me, when it comes to work, people will always go for the money 1st. The higher the wages, the more attracted the job can be. Sapelah yg takmo keje kalu pay check die gedabak besarnye. Honestly, when I was on the job hunting period, I had my own priority list in order to choose which job suites me the best.Here is my list:

  1. Good Pay!!!!Mestilah kan,especially fresh grad cam teman ni, gileee duittt..
  2. The Multinational company.Sebabnye, by working with multinational company, the chances of you going oversee is high.Memandangkan teman ni takde rezeki nak study oversee, this seems to be my best opportunity without having to come out with my own money.
  3. Benefits such as medical and dental allowances. Ni sgt penting cos nowadays its not cheap to get out of sick. People who are sick actually pays even more nowaday,kalu nak mati tu lagilah mahalnyeee..Apelah dah jadi with this world...
  4. Other benefits such as subsidies patrol,phone bill,house rent and etc

Ni lah yg teman pandang mase memule cari keje dulu. Since I started working 8 days ago, aku rase actually,list aku ni tak masok akal langsung. Money is not everything. There are many more things that are more important than what I've listed in my previous list. Tapi, yg problemnye, mende2 ni kite tak akan tau selagi kite tak start keje kat sesuatu tempat itu..

This is my revised list:

  1. First of all, the most important for me is the job that I'm doing, sama ade menarik tak utk diri teman. Perlu diingat,keje ni bukan utk sehari due,kite sentiase doa that we can go as long as possible.So camne lah kite nak go on kalu keje kite tu tak menarik langsung,tak datangkan kepuasan utk diri sendiri. To archieve the highest level of satisfaction, we need to know what we are doing, doing it as good as we can and at the same time have fun while doing it
  2. The working environment. Imagine, we spend almost 9 hours a day sitting and doing our job in the office. Macam mane lah kite nak survive kalu environment yg kite keje doesn't suites us. We need to create or maybe find something in the office that keeps us going on to work day by day. Mende2 kecik camni actually motivates us to get to work.
Kemudian diikuti oleh my previous list.

P:s: Teman berdoa agar teman bekerje dgn seikhlas mungkin.

My first cup of coffee mocha...

3 Responses so far.

  1. 5774487 says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  2. LaiLy says:

    apakah comment first tuh? spam ke? anyway, yang tak tahan PS tuh, beriya sangat doa tuh machaaa. hahhahha, anyway, hope you enjoy the working environment. cukup tahun sila laa simpan skek gaji tuh for a trip to swensen with yours truly yer :P

  3. The Fonz says:

    spam la tu laily,siott tol..sapelah yg suke menyepem ni..aku mmg tgh enjoy working aku,cume penat adehje hari2..yosh!!!cukop tahun bukan stakat swensen je,memane pn bley..hahahaha...