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Posted by TheFonz - - 2 comments

Have you ever come across in life where someone you know have cancers and doctors give maybe a week the most to leave, but after a week, not only he or she still still breading,the cancers are actually gone..or maybe, while walking on the street, tetibe terjumpe a bundle of 100 bucks (I wish it happened to me,hahah)...Actually,miracle happens when we least expected.

Ni lah salah satu nikmat kat dunia ni yg teman rase sungguh ajaib sekali. When we were given no hope at all at the beginning, tetibe miracle happens, turning upside down everything that we have expected in the beginning. Tapi, mesti diingat, kite tak boleh la kan harap miracle to happen everytime. Sebagai contoh, katelah kan kite nak score dlm exams, tapi tak study langsung, pastu harapkan miracle to happen, sampe kiamat pn tak happen kalu camtu!!

The point is, make sure that we have tried our best before we hope miracles to happen

P:s: I'm waiting for a miracle to happen...

2 Responses so far.

  1. LaiLy says:

    feel like giving out what kind of miracle we're talking about? but sorry cant ship you masyitah :P

  2. The Fonz says:

    hahaha..laily laily..
    so obviouskan the miracle