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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

I'm not really sure why but every semester when a new lecturer comes into class, even before any ice breaking session begun, that fella will look at me randomly and suke ati bapak die call me "mim alip waw ya"....malas teman nak menyebut name itu..Since I started to keep my hair style, long before anyone knows about him, most of the people i meet will ask "Tiru mim alip waw ya ke?" or they'll say "Ala sebijik cam mim alip waw ya"...Dammit, like i said, my hair style was done way before anyone knows him,so its actually die yang meniru teman..Get it!!Oh for the record, I hate him. He doesn't have any REAL or AUTHENTIC in show biz, singing and stage presentation sux but still ntah camne boley popular. Cume disebabkan die ni claim ade backgound agame yg kuat, org still sokong die..To me, that is a cheap publicity cos if you are a warak person, takkannye die pi layan AF nak jadi popular.Btol tak??So to Prof Othman, stop calling me mim alip waw ya, panggil teman petai pn tak kisah lagi.

Today we had the official launching of DiGi Prepaid FU-YOH!!This new prepaid branding is to replace the MTV powerpack due to the end of contract with MTV.Lotsa things was going on from cheerleading, stunt bike performance, and of cos lotsa food circling around. Talking about the food, they actually served 6 inches donut!!FU-YOH!!And then, first time in my life, my drink was served in a glass that was made of ice. Glass tu sebijik cam serupe bentuk asal,cume kali ni die wat gune ais. The Milo and Ribena was so refreshing cos it feels extra cool from the glass.

The FU-YOH!! tower. If you need extra 50 bucks, just shout at the mic and if it reaches more than 75, you'll get your money..

For those yang tak tau, org kuning yg korang tgk dlm TV tu, namenye YCF, thats for Yellow Colour Fella.

FU-YOH!!Check out this high school girls. Ntah sekolah mane, tak sempat tanye, tapi yg penting, It's Gettin Hot In Herre!!

Almost a month now I'm in Digi. Honestly, I feel that it was a fast one. With me having the opportunity play with technology as much as possible, guess I might be long here. Plus Digi ni plek la,almost every month sekurang kurangnye ade 2 event besau yg mmg besh nak gile.All this things makes is so tempting not to stay. Pegi kerje seperti pergi enjoy, so thats why I like it. Work is work, but when it comes to the rest, it is important to keep the spirit going on and on. Looking forward to the next event!!FU-YOH!!

P/s: Esok gaji, jangan carik teman ek

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  1. LaiLy says:

    wahhahha, i feel you. i dont understand how being compared to mim alip wau ya tuh is cool to certain people. totally not, right, if i read you correct? mamat tu style pun langsung tarak. he's just lucky he got a break cause he's the epitome of warak and down-to-earth celebrity but sedangkan pantai pun buleh berubah ye dak? anyway, i tagged you! check out my blog :D