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Posted by TheFonz - - 0 comments

Selayang, February 6 (Nanyang Siang Pau) -- The nocturnal hours at a dimly-lit cafe in the outskirts of KL saw a group of youths sitting close to each other, reclining comfortably on their chairs. Amidst the laughter and slow-rising smoke rings, 4 young men took turns to inhale from what appeared to be some outlandish objects.

This group of young men were actually having one of their regular shisha-smoking sessions. Shisha, also known as "hookah", is a stand-up device used to smoke flavoured tobacco. For a session of shisha-smoking, the amount usually charged is between RM10 and RM15. Go for RM15 people, they give you the "Al Fakir" brand flavored tobacco which is way far better than the rest in the game.

This pastime is fast becoming a culture among them.They even have their own clan called,"Persatuan Nage2 Berasap"

Shisha + Coke = Great time!!!


  • Releases all the tensions after a big exams
  • The gossiping and "kutuking" process makes easier and less guilty
  • Paru2 anda akan terase seperti penuh dgn oksigen
  • Its better than the lame old cigarette.Much more cleaner smoke plus the fruit flavor (Grape especially). Wa wa we wa!!!


  • For those yang udah "berbini",siaplah hangpa kene hambat kalu bini tau.Jgn salahkan aku kalu hangpa kantoi...
  • Its an addiction actually, so be careful not to smoke too often

p/s: Malam mencandat sotong yg tidak memberangsangkan.....