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Posted by TheFonz - - 0 comments

The hampehness of m
e.Look!!!Bowlers target is to get as many strikes as possible but dummies will aim the longkang unfortunately. I got two longkang for this round..

Bowling is as simple as ABC for me.

A is for Aim. Dont even bother trying the spinning bowl style,like the pros. Your bowl will spin but it will only end up in the longkang. We, the dummies just need to aim to ball to the centre of the lane. You can actually bowl any style as you wish, as long as the ball rolls and end up smashing all the pins.

B is for ball.Make sure you have the right ball according to the size of your fingers.Beware people,too tight will end up the ball stuck on your fingers and you might roll together...I've seen this happened ,OK!!Too loose will give you almost the same trouble.Instead of going forward, the ball might end up at the back and hit some people instead of pins.This is the famous kejadian memalukan to dummies like us..

C is for clap.After successfully avoiding the longkangs and hitting your friends,give yourself a clap. It is a big achievement no matter how many pins you hit.

The after effect of midnight bowling.Tangan yg lenguh and bengkak menjadi warne ungu!!