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Posted by TheFonz - - 8 comments

Not too late for me to wish everyone,especially those yang celebrate Gong Xi Fa Chai and have a prosperous year ahead. Terpikir jugak teman, why they choose to include boar dlm the animal calender, napelah tak pilih cipan ke,tenuk ke,kan lagi sejuk mate memandang. So why am I making a big fuzz about this boar thinggy?? Cos actually, I was born in the year of a boar!! You see, I was a January baby so it was before the new year for the Chinese calender. So, dengan tragisnye, I fell into the year of a boar instead of a rat.Get it??

Well, bile dah tahun baru ni, always there is new for something. That includes first for something too. My first in this year of the boar:

  • First ever CNY without my grandpa. It sucks people!!He was a chatty person, lotsa stories to hear from him. I miss his cooking, he made the effort to cook for us especially for the reunion dinner.Rest in peace kungkung, you are the best grandpa I've ever had.
  • First ever CNY without yee sang. Since I was in Cameron Highlands during CNY, it is hard to get yee sang up there this days. They do sell but mostly tak halal, so to be on the safe side, we decided not to order any.
  • First ever CNY without any of my relatives around. Everyone decided to celebrate with their own family since my granpa passed away. Plus with all the crisis circling around the family at this time, its better for all of us to take some time out, not to have any gathering for now
  • First ever CNY without mah jong and gambling!!uwaaaaaaa!!We do gamble (I know its haram for me as a muslim), dont get me wrong,no money were involved in the game.Only those colorful chips were used as a substitute to money. During this period every year, skill mah jong teman akan dipolish oleh sepupu2 ku.Memandangkan teman ni tak berape familiar ngan character chinese, most of the time even if I have the best card on my deck,I ended up losing because of my silliness.
  • First ever CNY without a single angpow.Even from my parents!!!Hellooo, I'm still eligible people,as long as I'm still not married ok.

8 Responses so far.

  1. rahmat says:

    aku pun lahir tahun kerbau pendek

  2. The Fonz says:

    kite tahun same do

  3. LaiLy says:

    hahha. oink oink. anyway, awesome laa you know how to mahjong. later can teach me and add up to my gambling skills (so far pandai blackjack je. hee). xinnian khuai lek kay macha. happy chap goh meh today :)

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