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Posted by TheFonz - - 1 comments

When you get a call from the HR people of a company,calling you to inform that you have been selected to come for a face to face interview, you get very excited and nervous. The excitement and nervousness become triple if it is your 1st ever face to face interview for a job. They say, going for your first ever interview is like going out on your first ever date with a new girl. You prepare like there's no tomorrow,new shirts,trousers,shoes,get your hair done and etc.You even get everything updated, your resume, any working testimonial from previous employer, search on the net on any information about the company and etc.

In an interview,both parties doesn't know each other at all. Things get even much more harder when u cant actually predict what they will ask and what type of question you need to ask them as much as possible but make sure not to cause any bad impression on you. All this question will help both parties to get to know each other more specifically towards the job you applied for.

Here are some websites and blogs for you to get started with the question and answers:

  • http://www.careercc.com/interv3.shtml
  • http://interview.monster.com/archives/tips/
  • http://bhuvans.wordpress.com/2006/08/19/50-common-interview-qa

Check it out to give you a basic idea on the Q and A. But seriously, all this are just generally questions. Each company adopt different style of questioning to suites their company recruitment policy.

If you get an interview from Digi for the position of Technology Associates, here are some tips and overview on how the interview being conducted and sample questions. I did went for the interview last week, so its time for me to share:

  • Interview was divided into 2 sessions, a one to one session where just you and you interviewer and a group discussion. The one to one session is basically the same like other places, you will be interviewed by the manager of a department (eg: database,web,network).
  • Be sure to nail it during the one to one session. This is the only chance to really show Digi what you can do. The only general question that the interviewer asked me was "Tell me about yourself". The rest was technical jargons!!
  • Do you homework at home.If you claim that you are CCNA certified, make sure you know your game. They'll ask you to tell them every single detail about it. Same goes with your thesis project,make sure you tell them in chronological order,starting from planning till the recommendations.
  • On the group discussion session, be sure to participate as much as possible but make sure you give others a chance to speak too. Show them that you can come out with ideas and at the same time you too open to other people's idea. This is one of the key component in Digi's working attitude,to open and listen to ideas.

You are hired!!!!not fired!!!!

Ps: Alhamdullilah, teman dapat position ni,starting 1st of March 2007

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