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Posted by TheFonz - - 0 comments

Wow,it has been 5 years since the last episode of Happy Days on Star World.Watching this video on youtube,teman terkenang mase zaman sekolah menengah dulu, I did skipped tuition class frequently just to watch this show. For those yang tak tau cite pe la Happy Days ni,meh sini teman bagi cerite yek..

This story is about two-high school kids, Richie Cunningham and his pal Warren "Potsie" Weber, at Jefferson High in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Howard Cunningham, Richie's father, ran a hardware store while Chuck was Richie's college-bound older brother and Joanie his 12-year-old kid sister. Richie and most of his friends hung out at Arnold's Drive-In, a malt shop near the school.

Mmmg best gile la Arnolds ni, ade live band.Check out Weezer's Buddy Wolly videoclip.It features the whole cast of Happy Days and die buat kat Arnold's.

Balik kepade citenye, Richie was supposed to be the innocent teenager (mmg innocence gile!!!)and Potsie his more worldly pal. The producers decided to add a greasy-haired motorcycle kid, Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli aka The Fonz(ni ha the main character of the show) to give the show a bit of an edge. That was the move that would soon make the show a hit with viewers. Instead of the fairly hackneyed Richie-Potsie relationship, the show came to center on the relationship between the "cool" dropout Fonz, and the "straight" kids represented by Richie Cunningham. Henry Winkler made the character of Fonzie three-dimensional, vulnerable as well as hip.His trade mark...his thumbs-up gesture,"aaayyh!", and leather jacket...

Gitulah summary of the whole story pase Happy days ni...Honestly, the best 70's era show I've ever seen!!!Lawak2nye akan membuatkan anda beguling-guling atas lantai tanpa memikirkan adik adik anda yg tgh tido petang akibat kekenyangan makan mcD..If you guys dpt peluang tgk, go and layan...mmg best siot!!!4 thumbs up!!!!!

p/s: main actor die Ron Howard.Heard before rite...Ala, director cite Da Vinci Code tu...He was still an innocent teenager at that time..plus with extra hair of cos...hehehe